Posted on June 7, 2017 at 6:39 am

Indian TV

Paras Chhabra: We Do A Lot Of Masti On The Set!

Paras Chhabra who plays Tejinder in Dipti Kalwani’s (‘Sunny Side Up’) and Teenna Swayyam and  Sushant Kumar’s (Hum Tum Telefilms) ‘Badho Bahu’ is getting a wonderful response for his character.


He had a two months cameo in the show but because the character got a huge response, it is still going on. When asked about some tit-bits of the set, Paras shared:

“After pack up, we generally go home because we get super tired shooting for twelve hours. So when we get a break during our shoot, we guys sit together do chilling, crack lots of jokes, make fun of each other and sometimes even do a little bitching! (Laughs)”.

The actor also shares something about the production team.

He added:

Dipti Kalwani is a chiller, she also chills with us, cracks jokes like a friend and when it comes to work she explains it very nicely. It helps us to build our character”.


Seems the set of ‘Badho Bahu’ is like one happy family!