Posted on June 9, 2017 at 11:34 am

Indian TV

Karan Wahi Birthday Special: You Are As Old As You Think You Are, Says The Actor

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It is a working birthday this year for actor Karan Wahi, who is in Spain, shooting for his stunt-based reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi. Calling it as one of his “sober birthdays”, Karan says it’s still going to be a fun day.

“I am in Spain this year for my birthday. We are shooting on my birthday because the schedule is fixed like that. So probably I will chill after shoot with my friends, whoever is in Spain at the moment. Of course, since I am working, it will be a chilled-out, sober birthday this year, because we start shooting really early and end really late at night. But the good thing is that I will be with my friends. Plus, I wanted my thirtieth birthday in Spain, but I got my thirty-first! So, all’s well that ends well!”

says Karan.

Talking about his best birthday memories, he says the ones he spent back home were the best.

“Every birthday has been really memorable in a different way with my friends and family. But when I was at home in Delhi, all my birthdays were amazing because every birthday had a different theme. But when I came to Mumbai, although there were no themes, I got great friends to chill out with,”

says Karan.

Talking about his some of the great themes for his birthdays during his childhood, Karan says,

“There were a lot of themed birthday parties. I still love flying kites. There was a kite flying theme one year, where I had a kite-shaped cake as well as kites as decor. There are many such memories like this. I remember McDonalds had just opened at that time, so there was a fad of celebrating birthdays there. I also wanted my party there, and I got that. And of course there was a birthday in Mumbai, which I celebrated with my friends. We just can’t remember. We call it the Hangover three!”

Gifts have always been a major part of Karan’s birthdays; however, he has planned to go slow this year.

“I used to gift myself something on each birthday. But there is nothing specific which I want this year. If I like something, I will buy it once I am back,”

says Karan, adding that he is happy with the place he is at in life right now.

“I am blessed and happy with whatever I have and whatever I have achieved. It is a lot more than what I had expected or wanted. So there are no wishes as such, which need to be fulfilled. I thank God every birthday for giving me so much happiness and great health.”

For an actor, age is a major factor career-wise. Ask Karan how he feels to turn a year older and he says,

“Age definitely is just a number for me. It only catches up with you if you want it to. But deep down, obviously you know that you are not an eighteen-year-old. So, unknowingly you behave like a grown-up. But in the end, if you feel young, you will be young, but if you feel old, then that’s what you’ll be.”