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Happy Republic Day: Celebs on Why the Holiday is Important

Significance of the occasion and if the day has merely become a holiday now


January 26 is an important day in the lives of every Indian. It is the day when the Constitution of India came into effect in 1950. Many feel that the day has just become another holiday for everyone, watching flag hoisting by the Prime Minister of India in Delhi on our TV sets. Kids, however, do attend flag hoisting in school and reminisce about the history of the day. Celebs talk about the importance of Happy Republic Day and whether the special day has merely become a holiday for everyone. They also share their favorite patriotic song.

Pragati Mehra

I have had the honour of representing my school twice at the republic day parade once in class 8 and another time in 11th standard. We had to report in the early morning, around 5 am at Vijay Chowk, from where school contingents would begin and the song ‘Aey mere watan ke logon, Zara aankh mein bhar lo paani’ by Lata Mangeshkar used to be played. Trust me on those foggy chilly Delhi mornings, none felt any cold listening to this. Remembering those days still gives me goosebumps. And, yes this is my favourite song.

Harshali Zine

It’s very true that we take January 26 as just another public holiday. Due to fast-paced life, people don’t get much personal time and just a Sunday holiday is not enough, so any public holiday is a breather. January 26 is celebrated only in schools but how many children know the significance of the day and the rights that we have as Indian citizens. Few adults would attend the flag hoisting in their societies just to socialise and to upload videos on social media. Society has become very superficial and mechanical. Nobody wants to go deep in finding out anything for themselves even if it includes knowing their rights as the citizens of the nation. Honestly speaking, the last time I had participated in the  January 26th celebration was when I was in school but I’m doing my bit to know all about the constitution now. My all-time favourite patriotic song is ‘Nanha munna rahi hoon, desh ka sipahi hoon’. Happy Republic Day!

Reyen Eyes

I am proud to say that in my family, we don’t take it as just another holiday. Yes, the flag hoisting must be carried out in institutions and formal gatherings, but, I think this is all symbolic. What matters is that as considerate human beings, we spare thoughts and respect those who suffered and sacrificed for the sake of our nation. It is important that we move away from the mentality of always criticising everything Indian, and if we have to learn something from the west, it should be how to take pride in our own roots. That confidence is real confidence, the one where you criticise your own roots to look like a cooler version of an Indian, is hollow confidence. I used to listen to ‘Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon’ back when I was in kindergarten and love the song. I hope Lata Mangeshkar ji gets well soon. She is the pride of our nation and one of the greatest voices ever.

Somy Ali

This is perhaps the most important day (Happy Republic Day) for the citizens of India because it is on this day that gives them the power to select their own government. It is “of the people, for the people and by the people.” This sentence should not be taken lightly as it constitutes immense power in the hands of its citizens. My favourite song when it comes to being a patriot of India will always be from Manoj Kumar films as no one depicted patriotism in its truest way than him. Hence the song would be, ‘Hai Preet Jahan Ki Reet Sada Main Geet Wahan Ke Gaata Hoon’.

Kiran Raj

The constitution of our country was formed on this day with a lot of efforts and sacrifices made by our leaders and freedom fighters. It’s a proud day for our nation and I think it definitely deserves more than just a flag hoisting. I think there should be more awareness about this day and over time people have forgotten the importance of the day, especially the youth. People should get more creative and celebrate Happy Republic Day and value its importance like how it was done during our childhood days. My favourite patriotic songs are ‘Mere desh ki dharti’ and ‘Maa tujhe salaam’.

Sham Mashalkar

My favourite patriotic song is ‘Ae mere vatan ke logo, zara aakh me bhar lo Pani’ and yes we do flag hoisting in our society. I make my son listen to the story of shaurya and virangana on this day. I feel that yes we are just taking it as a holiday but we can do a lot of things like growing five to ten trees and doing something in our small way. We can educate people or I can give free lectures on acting that day to those who are interested.   We can do something which benefits the upcoming generation. I feel that positive changes take place in people’s mindsets.


Angad Hasija

I would say that till we were in school we used to get a different feeling. We used to make flags and colour them. There used to be school functions. But after school, it has just become a holiday. I think that in our society everything is celebrated on a huge scale like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day. Things have gotten specialised, which is good. But on January 26 not much happens. For our culture and country, we should contribute more. We can change ourselves in terms of keeping our surroundings clean. It’s everyone’s India so if we don’t keep clean who will do it. If even one takes a step ahead then a huge difference could be made.

Aditya Deshmukh

Every year we all celebrate this occasion (Happy Republic Day). I remember that during my school days we used to get toffees and chocolates in our school. There used to be flag hoisting. We also used to have a bouquet ceremony in our building and it used to be a get-together. My favourite patriotic song is from the movie Lakshya, ‘Ha yahi rasta hai tera, tune ab Jana hai’.

Vaishalee Thakkar

Fortunately in our area near Five Gardens, Matunga, we have a morning parade and we attend that every year. But due to Covid, it’s not happening this year too. My favourite song is ‘Bharat humko jaan se pyara hai’ from the film Roja.
HappyRepublicDay Celebs on Why the Holiday is Important

Saanand Verma

26th January is really important for our country because that day our constitution was formed and the Indian constitution is counted as the best constitution. Every individual learns from it. The whole world sees our Indian constitution and appreciates it. In our country every type of person are there, there is unity in diversity. There are different shades in this country. In-country where there are so many complications, types of people, tribals, there are people who are living a 1000-year-old lifestyle. There are so many places where there is no internet and electricity. It’s a unique country and making the constitution and running the nation was a great achievement of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar and his team. It was a great win and as Indians, we should feel proud about this day. It should not be just another holiday, it should be a day of absolute pride. That’s what I feel about this day. My favourite song is from the movie Aakraman – “dekho vir javano apne khun pe ye ilzam na aaye, mana kahe ke mere bete vakt pada toh Kam na aaye, dekho veer javano.”

Perneet Chauhan

I think if every society does flag hoisting it’s good. The children of the society can relate to it. I live in a complex of veterans, people who have served in the Indian navy and air force. It’s so nice to see them salute the National Flag. They have served the nation putting the country before them. I really like this tradition of flag hoisting. My favourite patriotic song is, Bharat humko jaan se pyaar hai from Roja. The latest is the song from URI that I like.

Nupur Joshi

I believe, patriotism is not dated specifically! I celebrate my freedom and rights every day. Respecting the constitution abiding by the laws should be celebrated daily. Our rights, our freedom and our responsibility towards our nation go hand in hand. So, I’m doing my bit, we all should. My favourite song remains ‘Hamne suna tha ek hai Bharat’, the lyrics of the song are by Sahir Ludhianvi, and it is from the movie Didi (1959). The song gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it

Vijayendra Kumeria

It is true it’s just a holiday. We do use to participate in school parades in childhood. Republic day memories we all have as we all remember hearing pm speech on TV. My favourite patriotic song is film Rang De Basanti’s title song which featured Amir Khan.

Aman Maheshwari

 The government does its own part, but on our part, there can be an entire event as a member of society that we can do. We can celebrate the day by talking about people and giving some credit to those who are actually bringing honour to the country like sports persons, NGO workers etc. There should be a feeling of pride in being together. My favourite patriotic song is ‘Ae vatan vatan mere abad rahe tu’ from the movie Raazi. January 26 celebration should be about India and every individual belonging to the country. There should be gratefulness and pride in us to be born in this country.

Hemal Dev

January 26 is also special for me. There is a very interesting custom that we follow in my hometown Kolhapur. We eat jalebis on that day, there are small pandals put up on the roadside and it is celebrated as a festival where everyone comes together and gathers in the morning. It also feels special to attend flag hoisting in various schools as guests or participants. My favourite patriotic song is the one from Raazi, ‘Ae watan mere aabad rahe tu’.

Akshay Jain

 Yes, it apparently looks like the youth today is not given the importance that Republic Day deserves, however in the field of dance, and generally, in today’s social media era with reels and other apps gaining so much limelight, everyone is doing something related to their own field as a tribute to the country on that day. Studios change their theme to the Indian tri-colour, artists make reels, dancers dance on patriotic songs, I mean we can say, this is a kind of modern-day tribute we all give to the country on Republic Day, Independence Day etc. The world is getting more artistic now which is very nice. On that note, my favourite patriotic song is ‘Ae watan watan mere abaad rahe tu’ from the movie Raazi.

Ranaksh Rana

The constitution of our country was established on this day and what an important milestone it is in the existence of all Indians! This day is not just a festive day but a pretty important historic mark in the calendar. I feel that in the rush to adopt different languages and cultures, we have slowly started to forget our roots. I am glad to see that different channels whether news, media or individuals are trying to create more awareness about our history and pride and I think that’s important, bringing back the pride and acknowledging the rich beautiful culture that we belong to. Respect for the day has to be felt deep within, not just celebrated. How beautiful a communal celebration would be, to come together and share experiences and stories and personal associations on this day. There’s this song that comes to my head every time I feel patriotic- Kar chale hum fidaa jaan-o-tan saathiyo, ab tumhare hawale watan saathiyo. This gives me goosebumps. It not only shows the immense sacrifice our great men and women gave, but it also talks about trust and partnership and faith and strength in unity.

Hansa Singh

During my childhood on every 26th January (Happy Republic Day), I used to watch parades and praise all the soldiers and gallantry. However, things have changed now. The respect for the nation doesn’t happen in just one day but it should be 24/7. As a proud Indian, I still feel goosebumps listening to Jan Gan Man, our National Anthem. My favourite song is ( actually are many ) “kar chale hum juda jaan se tan sathiyon, ab tumhare hawaale watan saathiyon”. Jai Hind!

Rajender Singh Pahl

On 26th January (Happy Republic Day), we used to have flag hoisting in our schools and we used to participate in cultural activities. I feel proud listening to our national song and it gives a feeling of patriotism. I think there are so many people in India, who do not think about their country compared to the people who stay abroad. For me, this day is very important. My favourite patriotic song is Ae mere vatan ke logon…zara aakh me bhar lo paani by Lata Ji. We should feel proud about her nation and should not forget the essence of this day.

Rajender Singh Pahl

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