Posted on May 11, 2021 at 2:09 pm

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I look up to him: Paras Kalnawat on Rajan Shahi

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Paras Kalnawat became the audience’s favourite on-screen son with his portrayal of Samar Shah in Rajan Shahi‘s “Anupamaa“. And the actor is all praise for the ace producer.
I look up to him: Paras Kalnawat on Rajan Shahi
I look up to him: Paras Kalnawat on Rajan Shahi

While thanking him for giving him such a wonderful show. He also appreciated him for the extra efforts he puts in to make his cast feel at home. He said,

“Rajan sir is a gem of a person. I have never seen a producer taking care of the entire unit, cast and crew member like him. When I was going through a bad time. He was the person who used to call me and even visited my home. He is taking good care of everyone while following all the protocols and it’s actually commendable.”

“I look up to him. If you want to be a good person then be like Rajan sir, he is so humble and so down to earth. He sits with us and eats his meal with us while maintaining social-distancing. He is making sure that we all feel at home wherever we are shooting. ‘Anupamaa’ is our family and he is giving his best to the show,” he added.

In the show, while Anupamaa and Vanraj’s divorce drama is still on. Anupamaa was diagnosed of a tumour in her ovaries. Talking about the recent track, the young actor said,

“When I got to know about the track, I was shocked myself that what is going to happen next and that it will be very shocking for the audience too. But the audience will see how the entire family comes together and gets through this situation. They are definitely going to enjoy because everyone wants to see such kind of unity in their family, especially when someone is ill.”

“This is going to be a different kind of roller coaster for the audience. Honestly, I loved how our writers and creatives worked so hard to get something like this even after facing so many problems, like few people including me had to face some family issue and was not shooting for a while and then few of them got COVID-19 and came after the quarantine period. So it was difficult for the creatives, writers and producer to get such kind of story out of all the situations and problems going on. I am very happy to see such an outcome,” Paras added.

He also stressed that as an audience it will be quite interesting to see how the Shah family comes out of this problem and said,

“It’s very heartbreaking to see Anupamaa going through this situation and it is very heartbreaking to see how the entire story is changing. People are going to relate to it and would love to see what Anupamaa and the family will do now.”

“As an audience I would want to know how the family will help Anupamaa to come out of this. That will actually be very intriguing and very nice for the audience and I, too, am excited,” Paras concluded.

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