Posted on September 20, 2020 at 11:13 am

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Having six pack abs is a bonus: Jay Soni

Jay Soni is back with a bang!

Jay Soni has become a changed man. After playing the chocolate boy in numerous shows including Baa Bahoo Aur Baby, Sasural Genda Phool and Sanskaar, the actor now has plans to shed the good boy image and will soon be seen in a grey role in a web-show called Twisted, soon.

To add to his reinvented image, he has also gone through a physical transformation resulting in six pack abs. Talking about the transformation, he says, “I was focused on the transformation and so for six months, I stopped meeting my friends and going out as I didn’t want any distractions. It was very tough, but I wanted that change. People would always say that I am a cute-looking boy, so I wanted to change myself as an actor and finally got this body.”

Jay Soni believes that actors with six-packs get noticed more than others. “Not only for their body but also for their performance. I guess, having a body is a bonus and I am enjoying getting messages on social media from girls who say ‘You are so hot’. I never used to get such comments as they always said, ‘You are so cute’. This feels good,” he says with a smile.

For three years, he was away from the screen, working on himself and spending quality time with his wife and newborn. “I dedicated all my attention, care, love towards my wife and our child. If I was working, and my mind was at home, it would have been an injustice towards my work. Taking some time off to know yourself better and to dedicate your time towards family is not wrong. Yes! There were speculations that I was not willing to do TV anymore, which are absolutely baseless. I am open for TV, web series or movies,” says the actor who will be seen in a web series soon.

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