Posted on July 2, 2018 at 3:47 pm

Indian TV

Samiksha Bhatnagar is a huge fan of digital Platform!

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Actor Samiksha Bhatnagar, who was seen in the film ‘Poster Boys‘ alongside actor Bobby Deol, is a big fan of the digital platform. The actor says that she loves the content on the web.
“Like it or not, digital streaming service is changing the way of making TV shows and movies. Digital streaming has become TV’s frenemy. The opportunities to explore acting in roles that are coming up in the digital are phenomenal. The kind of storytelling and performing opportunity that artists are getting are exceptional,” she says.
Samiksha Bhatnagar
Samiksha Bhatnagar
In fact, the actor adds that being part of a web series is an amazing way to stay on screen, in between projects.
“Web series allow actors to stay in the minds of their audience during gaps between movie assignments, while also getting compensation for the same. More and more actors are coming on this medium” she says.
The actor says that the digital medium has affected TV viewership.
“Millions of young Indian audience used to enthusiastically tuned in to watching television programs, but not anymore. As such, many believe that the decrease in television popularity will continue until it eventually becomes completely obsolete. On the contrary, some may argue on television becoming obsolete, but it is instead being revolutionize,” she says.
She also adds,
“Traditional and regular television shows is losing attention and young audience, the content being is still in high demand and is improving. Streaming services such as Netflix, ALTBalaji, Voot, Hulu and Amazon allow people to pick and choose what shows or movies they want to watch, as well as when they want to watch them.”
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