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Every Show Is A Learning ​:: Rahul Kumar Tewary

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Swastik Productions‘Producer Rahul Kumar Tewary talks about his new show Porus, plans for his production house and the kind of content he wants to produce along with his brother Siddharth Kumar Tewary.

Swastik’s last offering Karamphaldata Shani is a success story. What do you think worked in its favour?

The common Perception of Shani is very different to our story. For us, Shani is a very promising and positive God – It’s all about Karma and… its True. What we do is what we get and it all happens in this lifetime – who knows about the next life. We are thankful that it has been accepted by audience and we ensure that With the growing up of Shani,
audience will be hooked on to the show.

How do you see the trend of web series? Will Swastik produce one in near future?

T​he digital platform ​is a very interesting space and ​will be a significant industry in the near future. We already have seen Amazon , Netflix, alt and others and many more will be setting base in India shortly. It provides an opportunity for content makers to create variety of content different from the GEC. W​e are in discussion and in process – soon you will find Swastik creating premiere web series.

​Actors like Shaheer Shaikh, Sourabh Raaj Jain, Ratan Rajput​, Shikha Singh​ to name few came in limelight for Swastik’s show. How do you see their growth in the industry?

I think every individual in the world ​has to work for their success. It is completely their hard work which has taken them places.If​ we have been the one to present them ​ through our content​, it is their hard work ​ and talent​​ which has got them noticed and made them successful. So each one of us needs to be appreciated for their own space and work. ​We share a great relationship with our Actors and I thank and wish all the actors who have been part of Swastik family more success and power!

The Tewary brothers are a powerful name in the TV industry. Every actor wants to work with Swastik Productions. Comment

​I don’t believe in such statements – we are in the business of creation and we do that to the best of our capability. A lot of people associate with us like technicians, actors/ creative / production etc and we together make a good product – It’s our team which helps us deliver – We are always on the llookoutfor the right people and that is the main objective for us.

Of late we have only seen big mythological& historical​ shows coming up from Swastik, why are you not going into the regular daily soap zone?

​​​I think we have found a niche in this segment and​ enjoy to narrate such stories which have meaning, relevance and learning for the society. It is challenging to do so and thats what we enjoy about it. The opportunity it gives us to re-create the events, visuals and to transport our viewers to a different world is the best learning curve for us. At the same time we are also producing comedy show and working on few other daily concepts.

What changes do you find in the TV industry over the years? What are the current trends according to you?

Television is the reflection of our own society.​As ​The society​ evolves, the subjects / shows evolve accordingly​ ​and it will always be like that​. Today all broadcasters are trying out different content, catering to different sections of the society. ​​​There is always an audience for different subjects – whether it is kitchen politics to aspirational stories to historical or mythological shows – there is a place for all kind of content.​
The mythological shows or the content are accepted more by the audience compared to the previous times. I think every broadcaster has realized that there is a major population in India which easily relates to mythological or historical content. After the success of Mahabharata people have realised that there is a definite​ audience for such subjects. ​Even in the past there has been various Mythological / historical shows which have been very successful.

PORUS is one of the most ambitious projects of Swastik. Comment.

Yes, especially because this is the first time​ in India​ ​a producer has licensed the content to broadcaster. I think it is the first step towards building a strong relationship between the producers and the broadcasters. ​A relationship where the risk is shared by the producer. It is a Win / Win situation for both. Similar operational model is prevalent and runs successfully in the western world.

​Every show has its own uniqueness and Porus definitely is a subject we are very proud to tell. The story gives us the opportunity to showcase 2 separate worlds ( India / Macedonia )which are completely different to each other. The major challenge was to justify the tale of both countries while we maintain the importance of our History. w​e have been shooting for last 6 months across Thailand and India.​ ​Each one of the members of Team Swastik has ​worked tirelessly to ensure ​ t​hat ​we are proud of what we create. Siddharth is very clear in his approach and everyone has rallied behind the vision to create Porus.

Why do you choose to be low-profile?

It is by choice. I don’t enjoy too much attention. ​​I like to be in my own world. That is the kind of person I am.​ ​Each Project parts with a certain learning and it just keeps me going to the next one. I am just happy​ producing quality ​content of such scale and grandeur.

What are your future plans for Swastik?

​Television is and will be the core business for us …. we will be investing into IP’s and create content across all platforms.

When you can make such​ huge shows like Porus, why do you not enter the film world?

Porus is the first step for us towards a new operating model in television. We are working on our existing commitments and want to be focussed already committed for further such creations on TV. However, we are working towards Films us a very different business​.

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