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Miss World 2017 Manushi Chillar Receives Love From B-Town TV Stars!

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Manushi, you have made us proud: TV frat

After 17 years, an Indian girl, Manushi Chillar, has won the Miss World 2017 title. This year Mr. World was also from India. Our telly actors talk about how this is a proud day for all Indians.

Ankit Bathla – It’s such a proud moment to have both the title winners from India, India has always been known for its beauties with brains and Manushi proved it yet again. I think I fell in love with those dimples and the innocent smile the moment I saw her.

Sheeba – It’s heartening and wonderful that India is now recognised worldwide for our prime minister, sportsmen, Yoga experts and these wonderful educated well-spoken young ladies, who are brand ambassadors for our diverse cultural country. I guess beauty pageants make the girls well groomed and confident to face the camera and people.

Aniruddh Dave – It’s matter of pride, She’s the jewel of India. Haryana has given us very good actors, sportsmen, politicians, industrialists and now this international pageant has also been won by an Indian beauty. Indian women are bold, beautiful, brave, brainy and born to rule. It’s just that they need little support and motivation to grow. People’s mentality has changed in these past years. I don’t why people stop their children to become an actor or a model? They should get motivated by our beauty queens. They work so hard to make the country proud. You get recognition, media, as well as other people, know you, you get endorsements and TVCs and you get to flaunt your persona.

Priyamvada Kant – Firstly being an Indian, this is an extremely proud feeling. Secondly being a part of this industry, it makes you swell with pride because you know how hard it is to be here, compete and excel. This will definitely give a lot of girls and boys the courage all over the country to come out and choose this as a preferred profession. Parents would also support their kids. They have definitely made India proud and we will surely see more actors, social activists and personalities who are going to make a change in the world.

Sachin Parikh – This charming woman from Haryana has indeed made the country proud by bagging the ‘Miss World’ title after a gap of 17 years. This was possible only because of the government of Narendra Modi, which assumed power with divine blessings. Manushi’s surname is ‘Chhillar’, hence she won. This is actually a victory for (Prime Minister) Narendra Modi’s demonetization policy. After the Rs 1,000-Rs 500 currency notes were spiked, people were left with only ‘chhillar’ (small change) in hand. You’re a class act, Manushi Chhillar! Beautiful, smart and uncommonly gracious too.

Arjun Bijlani – I feel that India has so many beauties with brains that every year we should be having all the three crowns with us. Having said that, I don’t know why it took seventeen years to get that Miss World crown after Priyanka Chopra. I think we should have got it way back. But never the less, I am very happy and proud of Manushi Chillar that she has won the Miss World pageant. She has a long way to go now as she is only 20. So God bless her and my best wishes are with her and may she make India proud in different ways.

Jasmin Bhasin – We are so proud that this time an Indian girl got the crown to our country. It aspires more Indian women to believe in their dreams and achieve what they want. So Manushi is going to be an inspiration to all Indian women. I think we have come very long way from how it started. I know people, who tell me stories about how Indian would be behind other countries in this pageant due to lack of grooming and facilities. But now we have been provided with the best of everything, which is a great thing. I don’t know how a beauty pageant helps somebody in their career but yes, it makes your dreams come true. A girl would go to a beauty pageant only when she has aspired to be a beauty queen since her childhood, which most of the girls do. So it makes you achieve your dreams and it gives you the confidence to go ahead and try other things in life.

Romit Raj – I think it’s absolutely amazing, Indians are beautiful people inside out and getting this world recognition is fantastic. I feel more and more that women should enter Miss India contest to represent India on an international platform. Beauty pageants give you world recognition and give you the power to be a messenger of peace, raise social issues and of course, give you the opportunity to work for the betterment of society. If a beauty pageant winner is aspiring to be an actor then Hollywood & Bollywood studios doors also open for you.

Romit Raj WhatsApp profile Picture
Romit Raj WhatsApp profile Picture

Shraddha Musale: I am proud that an Indian has won the Miss World’s title this time as it was long overdue. Winning such prestigious titles is absolutely a game changer for any individual. I know what it is to be a part of such pageants as I myself was a Miss India finalists. The contest is still widely recognized but the sheen has come off to some extent. The pageant winners and the finalists definitely get a lot of attention, early entry into the world of entertainment which most of them get into and I hope they make the most of the attention they get.

Rohit Bhardwaj: This is really a proud moment for India. These pageants are taken very lightly but the truth is that the contestants really struggle to make it to the top. Once they win, of course, they can work to make all their dreams a reality. Manushi has really made us proud and I wish her all the best!

Laksh: India as a country has progressed and we are doing well in all fields. Winning this title is a testimony to that. I want to congratulate Manushi and her family as it is a very big moment for them.


Rohit Purohit: These pageants are highly reputed and have a strong fan following. Plus Manushi’s winning answers also go on to talk about the wonderful person that she is. She has made India proud, this is a big moment for all of us.

Mrunal Jain: India has been winning all the reputed titles and this should make us proud. Be it these fields or others, India is no less than any other superpower. It feels nice to be part of a country like this.

Shashank Vyas: These pageants are not easy to win. A lot of effort goes into preparing for the same. It is so wonderful that both the titles have come to India this year. I hope the winners use their positions wisely and work for the advancement of the country.

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