Posted on August 31, 2017 at 4:03 pm

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RaQ Rewind: Exploring the 50 Shades of Raqesh Bapat!

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There’s more than meets the eye to birthday boy RaQesh Bapat. Bollywood and television actor RaQ (pronounced Raa-Q), as his friends call him, not only works magic on the camera but can create magic with his very hands. A talented artist, RaQesh will make your jaws drop with a series of though provoking, soul-stirring portraits and sculptures.

He completely zones out when he paints or sculpts. No phones, no communication and even loses a count of basics (food, etc). His work has been curated by India’s leading art curators, Kalpana Shah and has been exhibited at the world-famous Tao Art Gallery in Mumbai. On the occasion of his birthday, we’d like to rewind the hands of time and introduce you some of his most prominent creations.

A self-taught artist, RaQesh has perfected his art through passion, dedication and practice. For him, art is worship and that is the very reason that some of his best sculptures emerge in the form of the Hindu deity Ganesh. Every year on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, RaQesh creates his own Eco-friendly murti (idol) which is then placed in his home for worship and later sub merged and returned to Mother Earth upon the completion of the festival.

This year, RaQesh inspired fellow actor Rithvik Dhanjani through his art and earned himself his first student. As guru, RaQesh not only taught Rithvik the art of sculpting but also the art of preserving the environment.

Along with being a protector of nature, RaQesh is also a true and passionate lover of nature. A number of his painting depict one of nature’s most majestic creatures, the horse. Like RaQesh, his favorite animal comes in various shades, each with its own purpose. For a king, the horse is a symbol of his majesty, for a farmer – a reliable aide, for a child – a pet or friend and for the admirer – strong and beautiful creation of God.

While all of his paintings are a visual treat, a number of them are intended to be though provoking imagery. One in particular is a painting of death and destruction. The image is a representation of embers turning into ashes post the Partition of 1947 when millions were forced to flee their homes and leave behind their loved ones.

Another is the two well dressed people drifting away in a sea of blue as Roman Numerals surround them. At first glance, the image will captivate you, a few seconds later one will come to the realization that the image is the sad state of the world today. Human interaction has decreased. Working class men and women have become slaves to time which is slowly drifting away from them. As time slips out of their hands, the slip away from each other.

These are just a few of the magical images RaQesh has created with his hands. The most beautiful thing about his art is that RaQesh finds time to express himself despite his busy schedule. A man whose talent has no boundaries, RaQesh is the true definition of fifty shades of wonderful.Like silent poetry his paintings rejuvenate the soul. We wish that your birthday is just as colorful as the masterpieces you have created!

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