Posted on June 2, 2017 at 10:53 am

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Blockbuster Shows Come To An Enthralling End On Star World!

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The most entertaining aspect of watching a television series is the thrill and anticipation of ‘what happens next!’ Will your favorite characters get together at the end of the season, will your hero finally escape the prison in which he was wrongfully convicted? Will it be a happily ever after or a tragically never after?


Star World, India’s leading English Entertainment channel, is all geared to put an end to all those questions, viewers have on their minds, about the biggest shows this season.

Beginning with the most popular mystery of this TV season, ‘The Blacklist’ sets out first to bid goodbye to its viewers with a nerve-wracking Season 4 finale episode this Saturday, June 3rd at 8 PM. Is Red Liz’s father after all?  As the show continues to stay at its peak of revealing this secret, many more questions of this season need a closure too – What will happen between Red and Mr. Kaplan? Will she testify? The show is certain to leave its audiences at the edge of their seats, waiting for yet another action-packed season! Viewers can catch the action-packed finale episode of the show, starring none other than James Spader along with Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Ryan Eggold among others on Star World!

Next in line is the dynamic and hard-hitting TV series comeback of the year – ‘Prison Break’. Season 5 of the series, Prison Break: Resurrection started with a bam! The main twist – Michael is alive! Talking about twists, there is a new villain in town – a CIA rogue Jacob Ness who is in fact the very reason why Michael disappeared and is even raising Michael’s son and is married to Michael’s love Sara. As the gang rounds up to save Michael from a prison in Yemen, fast paced action and may twists make its way to audiences. Will he get out without dying this time? Or will someone else sacrifice themselves for him this season? Catch the Prison Break season finale, starring Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Sarah Wayne and others, to find out what happens this Saturday, June 3rd at 9 PM!

Following suit is the ‘New Girl’ – a show about love, friendship and a family of friends that is geared up to end its season’s run with a final episode that is sure to leave viewers gutted. As Jess realizes her feelings for Nick, will she finally confess it to him, especially now that he has broken up with Reagen (Megan Fox)? Is Nick really ready to hear what Jess wants to tell him? As Schmidt and Cece’s romance finds a do-over this season after their gala marriage, what’s next for the couple? Is there another wedding on the cards? The season finale of New Girl Season 6 airs this Monday, June 5th at 8 PM!


As some of the most anticipated shows come to their riveting end, there’s no turning back. But there definitely is a lot more of looking forward to do, as Star World preps up to announce its upcoming line-up! With award-winning, star-studded and critically acclaimed all in its kitty, there’s n saying what’s next!



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