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Hiraeth Alluring Milestone Dazzles While Provoking High Emotional Stakes

Hiraeth Alluring Milestone Dazzles While Provoking High Emotional Stakes

A Hiraeth, depicts homesickness, a film that expresses the torment, agony, suffering of a human who has been titled as a refugee. There is no mystery that this conversational film keeps you engaging throughout the short film and is quite entertaining. With its non-native music, it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Even at the end, you can’t still imagine what just happened and the twist that plays out. Until an ending flies ruinously off the rail leaving an unexpected turn.

Regardless of the sadness, there is something incredibly gratifying about the film. Two people from different nations share the same feeling of Hiraeth instantly.
Shihab-Eldin and Teeshay, performers who have delivered striking work in the short film about the torment of an individual. Shihab-Eldin plays Hasan, a man affected by war. Hasan owes external aggression and expresses it well through his acting. Worried for occupation and family, Hasan makes a hard decision of moving to foreign domination. Shihab character leads to the most intriguing allegory in the film.

Teeshay plays Ali, a student from India who forms an unlikely friendship with Hasan in the most unlikely situation. The actor plays a watershed moment, proving that with the right touch of friendliness in a new country. Teeshay, the filmmaker have also written and directed the film. The director lugubriously suppresses despondency as he conveys the message across for millions of refugees. Writer and director Teehsay delivered the excellence in a very simple way. Overall loved it, wonderfully done. It’s the little shots that count.

However, whatever emotional depths filmmaker hopes to suggest, there’s something need to be stirred beneath the movie’s static surface. The central characters’ coupledom brings them to a safe haven, but audiences will be left in the cold at the end wondering what just happened?

The film Hiraeth portrayed the emotional battles of refugees and their scars of life. The short film exudes the epidemic of the global refugee crisis. There are some 60 million people displaced from their homes. In the end, the film provokes you to take some real action against this human crisis! I give Hiraeth 4 stars overall.

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#Hiraeth is a short film about Hasan, an Iraqi refugee, played by me. Told by way of conversation, this humanizing story reveals some of the inner complexities of living outside one’s home country and highlights the struggle many refugees face when trying to make decisions in the best interest of their family. #Hiraeth, true to its definition, is about more than mere homesickness; it’s about a deep connection one feels to their homeland and a longing to return to a place which is impossible to return. Hiraeth, directed by @_teeshay, will compel you to rethink about the meaning of “home”——————————————————————#shortfilm #filmfestivals #actor #iraq #refugeeswelcome #refugees #arabfilm

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To watch the trailer of the film click on the link Hiraeth.