Posted on May 2, 2018 at 8:35 pm

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Yellow Claw’s Pick Up The Vibes With New Release New Blood

Yellow Claw’s third album is ​New Blood Filled with international collaborations, it’s out on June 22.

Yellow Claw have been around the world and wherever they go, Jim Taihuttu and Nils Rondhuis like to pick up on the vibes, draw inspiration and try to find like-minded souls. It’s how their record label Barong Family got its global roster, and it’s how the Dutch duo’s third album came together. ​New Blood finds the duo collaborating with singers and rappers from Denmark, Brazil, Singapore, Mexico, China, England, the United States and the Netherlands.

The next single from the album “Summertime (feat. San Holo)” drops on Friday, May 4th and features Nils himself singing on a track for the first time.

New Blood is the follow-up to Blood For Mercy (2015) and Los Amsterdam (2017), which together have generated over 250 million streams on Spotify alone. Including recent singles “Both of Us (feat.STORi)” and “Villain (feat. Valentina)”, New Blood boasts fourteen new tracks. Rather than trying to make some grand statement with the new album, Yellow Claw prefer to view New Blood as a kind of musical travelogue, reflecting their international touring schedule. It takes six tracks before you hear the signature “Yellow motherfucking Claw” drop on New Blood. It’s not a collection of ‘bangers’—you can check the Amsterdam Trap Music EP series or individual singles like “DO YOU LIKE BASS?” for that type of energy. Or go to a Yellow Claw show, preferably.

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Over the past year Yellow Claw broke into many fresh music landscapes. They co-produced “Hail To The Victor” with Thirty Seconds To Mars for the band’s new album (America), and Yellow Claw also worked with Japan’s biggest J-pop group, J Soul Brothers, to produce their next single. New Blood is Yellow Claw showing another side of their musicality, an oftentimes chill, definitely summery record to enjoy at home or on the road, whether you’re commuting or vacationing. They’re letting go of the expectations of genre and embrace the challenge of new adventures. It’s no coincidence that New Blood is the first Yellow Claw album to be released on their own label Barong Family.

New Blood was recorded in California, Thailand and Holland. It may prove to be a transitional album for Yellow Claw, featuring as it does ballads and bangers, pop songs and garage tunes, tropical rap and chill vibes. This Fall, Jim will begin work on directing his third feature film and Yellow Claw will be performing at big outdoor summer events like EDC Las Vegas and Tomorrowland. They’ll likely play a couple of tracks from the album, but most of them will be happy to remain in your own playlist, to be summoned at just the right occasion. There’ll be plenty.

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