Posted on April 22, 2018 at 1:09 am

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Puja Mohindra’s Geeta’s Guide To Moving On Releases On April 25

Puja Mohindra’s Geeta’s Guide To Moving On Releases On April 25.

Puja Mohindra’s web series, “Geeta’s Guide To Moving On” was an official selection of the 2016 New York Television Festival and the 2017 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

In March, she had the honor of attending the 2017 SXSW Festival, where she lead and presented ideas on the topic, “#YoutubeSoBrown: Diversity and Digital Storytelling.”

Puja lived in LA, she was in a writer’s group with several emerging artists of color. One of them was Issa Rae. She had just launched her own web series and encouraged Puja to write about her Indian family and a massive break-up she was recovering from. She decided to produce the project in her hometown, Chicago, and “Geeta’s Guide To Moving On” was born.

Geeta’s Guide To Moving On, a web series where Geeta Gidwani is a
lovable, imperfect, all-American brown girl who’s always believed in “happily
ever after.” When she’s dumped by her fiancé after 10 years of dating–on the day of
their engagement party–she’s completely devastated. She moves in with her family, where East & West collide, wackiness ensues, and the journey to move on begins. Her best friend, Akua, is a smart, ambitious, film producer, on her own black girl journey, who encourages Geeta to pursue her passion for “Indian-classical-dance-hip-hop-fusion” and embrace happiness.

With the magical Akua, her traditional Indian Auntys, her hilarious
family, and a quirky divorce support group rooting her on, Geeta learns
to move on.”Geeta’s Guide To Moving On” is an honest, irreverent comedy
that offers an original, brown-and-black-girl-take on the modern American
self-love story.

Open TV is thrilled to release the full Season One, a collection of 12 episodes that are each 6-7 minutes long. That’s about 84 minutes of independently produced content.

Open TV says,

“OTV | Open Television looks for sincerity in our programs. We ask artists to show how their stories come from a real place. “Geeta’s Guide To Moving ON”stood out to me as a deeply personal story about finding the strength to love again — not just romantic partners but to love self, art, family, and community. It’s a universal story but, critically, Puja embraces her culture, the specificity of what it’s like to love as an Indian American woman. This kind of cultural specificity and individual sincerity is still too rare in mainstream TV, making a show like Geeta’s Guide extraordinarily precious and valuable. We’ve honored Puja trusted OTV to share her story with the world.”

-Aymar Jean Christian, founder of OTV and assistant professor of communication at
Northwestern University.