Posted on May 6, 2021 at 1:11 pm

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Our version of ‘Ek Bewafaa’ has a sad and betrayal vibe: Bharat Goel

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Composer Bharat Goel has come up with a recreated version of the old Nadeem-Shravan classic, ‘Ek Bewafaa’, which highlights the story of love, lust, and betrayal.

Our version of Ek Bewafaa has a sad and betrayal vibe: Bharat Goel
Our version of Ek Bewafaa has a sad and betrayal vibe: Bharat Goel

Sung by debutant singer Sameer Khan and penned by Kaushal Kishore. The track also has an impressive music video, featuring Krystle Dsouza, Siddharthh Gupta and Akshay Kharodia. The song has been arranged, co-produced and programmed by Firoz Khan.

Talking about the experience of recreating the iconic track, Bharat says,

“The recreation of an iconic song is always a challenge, because you not only need to do justice with the production, but also the composition and creative part. It has to seamlessly flow into the melody. You need to live up to the reputation of the original track, especially when the old track is so loved. So that was a big challenge, but we tried our best and we’re quite pleased with what we’ve managed to achieve.”

The song was composed, produced, written and recorded during the lockdown. And since everyone was at their respective homes, the composer says that managing things over zoom and phone calls was tough.

“But since we were all like-minded people, we managed easily. Kaushal Kishore’s writing, Sameer’s voice and my composition blended well and we managed to overcome that challenge. This is the first time I worked with Sameer, and we recorded in the studio. He’s done a great job with the rendition,” says Bharat, adding that their version of Ek Bewafaa is emotional, with a sad and betrayal vibe. “The melody seamlessly flows into the iconic tune that people are already familiar with. That’s what makes it stand out,” he says.


Lyrics are an integral part of any song and Bharat feels Kaushal has done justice to the song’s vibe. “Kaushal has done a phenomenal job of writing the track. It’s an intense song and he has written very deep and meaningful words,” he says.

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