Posted on May 10, 2021 at 12:24 am

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For my daughter, every day is a Mother’s Day: Nivedita Basu

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Writer-producer Nivedita Basu, who made her directorial debut with the web series “Tandoor”, is a mother to three-year-old daughter Oyshee. Speaking on the occasion of Mother’s Day, she said,
“My daughter is too young to understand all this. For her, every day, every hour is Mother’s Day.”
Nivedita Basu
“This is the second Mother’s Day that we are celebrating in the lockdown. We usually go out for a meal to celebrate this day, but this year, like last year, we will be celebrating it at home,” she added.
However, Nivedita confessed that she was never into wishing her mother verbally. So what did she do on Mother’s Day?
“I have never really picked up the phone and wished mom, but I have always loved to make videos to show my emotions. But this year surprisingly my mom called me and said, ‘Who is going to wish me today?’, and I told her that I have made a video for her. I think because of social media and everyone posting pictures and wishes, etc. my mom got sentimental, because otherwise as a kid I don’t even remember celebrating Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, etc.,” she said.
She also confessed that being a mom is never easy, no matter what age you decide to become a mother, motherhood never gets easy. Sharing her thoughts, Nivedita said,
“A friend of mine has recently got married and casually I told her that first have kids, but she was like I am too young to become a mom. So I told her that it’s not easy to become a mother, it takes a life out of you. Once you become a mom, you need to plan everything around the kid, be it your holiday, your meals or even your sleeping pattern. And only if you are ready to take on the next 20 years planning around the child then only you should do it.”
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