Posted on December 26, 2020 at 4:52 pm

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Actor Vijay Pushkar to debut in web series Splitends

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Actor and model Vijay Pushkar will soon be making his OTT debut with Splitends. He says that he found the character interesting and conflicting with his own personal character. “The name of the show is Splitends and the director is Prashant Patil. Pari Arts Productions (Parnita Srivastava) helms the show’s production. My character, Gautam, is young. He is just 27 years old. He is confused about his decisions in life and is not very confident. There is no clarity or firmness in his behavior; he always feels lost. I am the opposite to Gautam.”

Vijay Pushkar
Vijay Pushkar

Vijay went on to talk about the film’s message. “I love the story’s message. It teaches people about life and how to handle it. The story appealed to me and it connects very well with today’s generation. Secondly, the team which was working on the show is quite senior in this industry. I wanted to work with them for a long time. This was an opportunity to work with the DOP, Bunty as well as Prashant (Director and DOP).”

Talking about the kind of roles he wants to play, Vijay Pushkar says, “I would love to do roles which come with a human connection and are realistic. I can portray different human emotions, different characters through simple, inspiring stories.”

Meanwhile, the actor has had quite an organised year. His routine evidently helped him get through the lock down. “First of all, I made a proper schedule of my day. So, my day would start with getting up early and doing some physical exercise and meditation. Then I would do gardening and make breakfast. I also cleaned the house, did some painting, and read books. I even tried to learn how to play the flute and sing during the lockdown. During this time, I also painted the house.” he says.

Ask him what keeps him so positive and optimistic all the time, and he says, “I am involved in life coaching and reading spiritual books. I tried to spend a lot of time with my family during the lockdown, their vibes were so positive that this helped me too.”

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