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Vidyut Jammwal Is A Fitness Expert THESE 5 Videos Are The Proof

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Action star Vidyut Jammwal has been dedicated in his quest to convey the truth about fitness and healthy living to his fans.

Vidyut Jammwal
Vidyut Jammwal

Busting myths and fads about being in shape.

The Khuda Haafiz actor has popularised rudimentary country boy training and Kalaripayattu (the mother of all martial arts) for beginners world over.

His YouTube channel has witnessed tremendous growth with the strength of 7,00,000 subscribers.

Here are the top five videos on Jammwal’s channel that should be watched by every fitness freak for wisdom on wellness.

  • Vidyut Jammwal’s Kalari Chalanam – The Movement Of Animals

An ardent animal lover, Vidyut observes animals in their habitat and draws lessons of fitness and survival from them. In this video, the actor reveals combat secrets of the jungle. Jammwal believes that every person has an animal spirit that they should tap into so as to sharpen their survival instincts. One of world’s Top 10 martial artists, Vidyut demystifies the art of Kalari Chalanam, which means the movement of animals. He is seen aping the movements of elephant lizard, snake, scorpion and monkey in the video.

  • #CountryBoy Exercises by Vidyut Jammwal

To say that Vidyut’s workouts are intense and hardcore would be an understatement because they are extremely challenging to pull off. This video is a compilation of all the country boy exercises. Some of the training shown here is unnerving, but these are the exercises that have inspired Jammwalions the most. The actor is seen throwing around a heavyweight kettlebell and busting out one-legged squats while holding a cylinder! He’s seen slithering like a lizard through barbells placed as obstructions and he is shown stick-fighting at a speed that can give any ninja a run of their money. Inspiration to be fit is sure to strike after watching this video.

  • Vidyut’s Kalari Dand (Push-Ups)

Through this video, Vidyut revealed the secret to his phenomenal upper body strength – Kalari Dand, which is a compilation of unusual ways of doing push-ups. It is Jammwal’s favourite workout. The actor posted this video because he wanted to introduce his fans to push-ups by demonstrating Kalari Dand. According to the country boy, Kalari Dand targets the core, back, chest, shoulders, back, legs and triceps. He said,

“No heavy pieces of equipment or trips to the gym are required. You will always have the ground. In essence, my message for everyone is – ‘stay grounded’.”

  • The Bone Prana Punch

In this video, Vidyut breaks down the technique of ‘Bone Prana Punch’, an ancient Kalaripayattu style of self-defence, which focuses on the skeletal system, muscles and the harmony with self. The action hero demonstrates efficient ways of packing power in your fist as you punch. What’s amazing is that he shows the basics of punching on a giant book!

  • A day in the life of #CountryBoy Action Hero 

This video captures the country boy in his element. Before sedentary life became the means of earning bread and butter, a considerable number of people stayed fit because of their rustic farm life. It is this rudimentary living that is depicted in ‘A day in the life of #CountryBoy Action Hero’. The actor is seen cleaning a cattle, ploughing the field with them and feeding them.

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