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5 Avatars Of Vidya Balan That Screams Versatility At Its Best

5 Avatars Of Vidya Balan That Screams Versatility At Its Best

5 Avatars Of Vidya Balan That Scream Versatility At Its Best
If there is one artist who has won everyone’s hearts with her charm, versatility, talent, and sheer brilliance, we’d gladly lose all our bets to Vidya Balan!! 15 years into the film industry, the actress proves to be a gift to the world of cinema that just keeps getting better with time. As we eagerly wait for her next offering releasing on Amazon Prime Video, here are some roles that Vidya brought alive

Tumhari Sulu – Radio Jockey (RJ)

A middle-class housewife turned RJ with dreams bigger than a confined kitchen space, Vidya as Sulu perfectly showcases every woman’s persistence to achieve her dreams. The film shows the transformation of a woman trying with all her will power to become independent and work. Be it a relatable housewife or a quirky jock for a radio station’s night show, Sulu dares to take every challenge despite her family conflicts.

Dirty Picture – Actress

Inspired by the real and extraordinary life of the actress Silk Smitha, Vidya Balan’s 2011 biographical film Dirty Picture broke all conventional norms in the Hindi cinema. Winning her many accolades critically and commercially, this unexpected avatar donned by Vidya portrayed women of power from the acting world who were deceived and objectified to mere sex symbols, and yet, we’re able to take the world by storm.

Bobby Jasoos – Detective

Vidya Balan’s character in the popular film Kahani was much appreciated for its intrigue and intensity! Although Bobby Jasoos is one forgotten gem that showed a different investigative side to the adored actress. Playing a wannabe private detective that hails from Old Hyderabad, Vidya’s character brings a number of quirky characters throughout her mission and a fun outtake for us audiences.

Begam Jaan – Brothel Madam

Set in the backdrop of the late ’40s, Begam Jaan was an astonishing role added to Vidya’s list of unique women on screen. Completely transforming herself, she played the role of a brothel madam with panache and vigor. The challenge to play a manipulative, fierce and no-nonsense woman on screen as opposed to how humbling and quirky the actress is in real life, is commendable

Shakuntala Devi – A Human Computer
Anticipation is at an all-time high for the upcoming film. Donning the hat of a math wizard, Vidya will be seen in a never-before witnessed avatar of the titular character. A genius, to say the least, we can’t wait to know more about this Guinness World Record holder. The biographical movie will see the national award-winning actress journeying through a complicated life of Shakuntala Devi in terms of ambitions and relationships. The movie is all set to exclusively stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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