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Reasons and everything in between for me being an RJ

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Reasons and everything in between for me being an RJ

Are you that RJ on the Radio that always gets the same request over and over – or that DJ who gets a song at a wedding that you get tired of playing! Well check out this list by Dipika Patel aka Missy Dee from London about a list of things why she loves being a RJ and much more!

Passion for Music

I love it and so I want to spread the love. I’d purposely play the new fused songs to make the white folk and youngsters love it too. It worked! I discovered that there’s a track within the world of Bollywood for everyone!


I found that being in a studio helped me to morph into someone different someone confident and after presenting a show it gave me a real good buzz. I’d sit there and play up beat music and do my chair dance. I actually used to dance and sing my heart out, I was so into the track that I’d sing it on air too!



Be famous!!!

I mean who doesn’t?! Walking around like a Don people knowing who you are, gives you a good feeling when the work you do is being appreciated.

I hated getting those cheesy people calling up as much as it was entertaining it would make me go red in the face and pretty much speechless. There was this man who’d call me up and I’d pick up the phone (like you do) and I ask him how he was (this was on a monday) he’d reply with ‘i’ve been terribly ill as i didn’t get to hear your voice over the weekend, now that I’ve heard it I feel fine’ cheeeesseeeee


Would be lost without them. It was nice to have them call in and complement my voice and my choice in music but nothing could have prepared me for what they had in store for me. Marriage proposals?! WHAT?! HUH?! Hello, I’m presenting a Bollywood show at 9am I’m not here to sell myself lol. Beta, nice music. You sound so music but you have so much knowledge about old music. How old are you? Are you single? My son’s single and it would be really good to have you in our family. Oh beta I know an ekdum mast chokro for you. All I did was laugh and say ‘aunty you’re funny, so do you have a request?’


So there were those mornings where I’d be totally sleepy like zombie like and sound rather croaky on air. So I’d introduce the show as normal then play a song. When I come back on air, what happens? Yup, no one can hear me, because the don I am I forgot to either slide the fader up or actually the mic on! Ahh the joys of morning shows!

Just the thought of talking in Hinglish made me excited, why talk in one language when you can talk in both at the same time?! However I had those days where I’d create a speech in my head in mindblaasting hindi totally tip top, when I got on air it was a different story all together, rather a different language. Clearly my head and gob don’t get along well. My sign out were normally ‘Fikar not I shall be back’

I recall my brother ringing me from work once, he said ‘do you say, fikar not on your show?’ (he had told a colleague I’m a radio presenter) I said yup I do, he then said make sure you give a shout out to my friend she tunes in every morning. It was strange at first then I had a feeling of enlightenment.

I hate letting people down!

When I got requests coming through for a slow paced song for a fast hour it got me into a pickle as I had to say sorry pick another song. Situations have occurred where I’ve got requests for songs I HATE as in I can’t stand them!! It was either saying I’ll play your song or pick another track. A part of me didn’t want to break their  hearts.

Making up words live on air for the whole duniya to hear was challenging!

I recall making up the word ‘sloft’ up. So there I was introducing the first hour of the show, all guns blazing what do I say ‘the first hour is going to be packed full of sloft songs, so here’s the first one’
I did the whole face palm thing and started to talk to myself. Started questioning myself what on earth that was about I know I had to redeem myself so back on air i went.
‘if you’re wondering what the word sloft means well my mind couldn’t decide which word would be best to describe this hour so i put slow and soft together and BAM you’ve got sloft!’ – I felt like such a hero after that.



I remember playing songs I couldn’t actually pronounce! That was embarrassing!

Believe it or not I couldn’t say Ibn-E-Batuta from Ishqiya. I’d also been saying Shubhaarambh wrong (obviously it sounded great in my head) Overall I think Desi’s become RJs because they just love the sound of their own voice (or someone’s told them that) and they have a strong feeling towards Bollywood music, and they also enjoy about of masala chaat (gossip) here n there. A part of them wants to stay connected to their roots.

I became a presenter purely because plan A didn’t go swimmingly well. I wanted to become an actress then took up a radio productions course because of my passion for music. I used to listen to a lot of radio shows Friction was the best, his style of presenting and choice of music wanted me to the exact same! So Radio productions was my plen beee 🙂

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