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Here’s Everything YOU NEED to KNOW About Vidya Vox’s Mad Dreams EP & Her South African Tour Dates!

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Everything YOU NEED to KNOW About Vidya Vox’s Mad Dreams EP & Her South African Tour Dates!

Vidya Vox, the Indian-born American singer-songwriter and YouTube sensation, will release her second EP of original songs, Mad Dreams, on Friday, July 26, 2019. Since the launch of her YouTube channel in 2015, Vidya has amassed a huge global audience – over 600 million views and over 6 million subscribers – with her mashups of Western pop hits and music from her native India. Mad Dreams is the much anticipated follow up to Vidya’s 2017 debut EP of original songs, Kuthu Fire. Mad Dreams will feature five original songs that reflect Vidya’s dream of a blended world somewhere between India and America – a world that does not yet exist, but one that reflects Vidya’s vision of a place built upon multicultural empowerment. This hope for pride and unity that drives Vidya’s music making is born from Vidya’s own bicultural upbringing, and the struggle to balance two seemingly disparate worlds.

Thinking about the inspiration for Mad Dreams, Vidya says, “Growing up in the West as a first generation Indian-American, I always felt like I was living a double life. At home, I was immersed in a traditional Indian culture, eating dosas, singing Carnatic music, and listening to A.R. Rahman, and the second I stepped on my school bus, I would eat pizza and listen to Destiny’s Child and Backstreet Boys. At school, I was an outcast, and felt embarrassed about being different. Mad Dreams represents a pivotal time in my journey to reclaim and embrace my bicultural identity while sharing messages of hope and empowerment.”

Here’s what Vidya had to say about the meaning behind  Mad Dreams

“Appadi Podu Di” is incredibly personal. As only 1 of 2 Indian kids in middle school, the other kids had many questions for me. “Does your house smell like curry?” “Why are your elbows so dark?” All questions were about why I looked different. To this day, we are sold products and images to cover these “differences.” I took all the things that were said to me and reclaimed them in this song. My favorite line is “Dark knees, dark eyes, no powder, my sun-filled skin holds power.” The lyric “Appadi Podu Di,” in Tamil literally translates to “Give it back!,” and my Uncle often said it to me growing up as a reaction to one of my snarky comebacks. As a South Asian woman, this song is an anthem about loving the skin you’re in.

“Mad Dreams” was inspired by the story of Indian goddess Parvati, who was doing penance to gain the affections of Lord Shiva, the Destroyer and Lord of Dance. The mridangam and chalanga dance bell sounds in the chorus are traditional sounds used in traditional Shiva songs. Hearing this story growing up, Parvati’s concentration always amazed me. I always wondered, would this infatuation and chase drive her mad? She’s in her world of mad dreams.

“Butterfly” is about the process of taking risks and finding your footing, which is difficult but always worthwhile. I always feel better in the end. I tend to hide in my cocoon when the going gets tough. However, it’s important to be proud of who you are, take a leap of faith and find your wings!

“Lose the Night” is about a particular memory of when Shankar and I were visiting New Delhi many years ago. We were in an auto rickshaw driving around at night. It was hot and hazy, and although the streets were crowded, it felt like we were the only two people in the city.

“Look at the Lights” brings me back to when I was living with my mom. I had big dreams about moving to Los Angeles. Some days, I felt that I’d never be able to leave home. Other days, I was more hopeful. Making the move to Los Angeles was life changing, but once the lights went out, I still missed home. The instrumental sarangi line that echoes throughout the chorus represents a longing for home, wherever you may be.

Mad Dreams will be available on iTunes, Spotify, and all streaming platforms. Please stay tuned for Mad Dreams videos, which will soon be available on Vidya’s YouTube channel.

Mad Dreams 2019 tour dates:

July 20, The Teatro in Monte Casino, Johannesburg, South Africa

July 21, The Globe, Durban, South Africa

July 27, Honda Celebration of Light, Vancouver, BCIn

Considering Vidya’s success with the Kuthu Fire EP her Mad Dreams is going to be a treat!

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