Posted on July 6, 2017 at 6:35 pm


⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Sridevi: I did not miss acting when I was on a break

She’s an excellent actress and we can’t wait to watch her in ‘MOM’. As you might’ve guessed, we’re talking about none other than Sridevi. In this interview, she talks about the film, her relationship with her daughters and more. Excerpts:

You had a very successful comeback with ‘English Vinglish’. Why such a long gap of almost five years after that?
It was not a conscious decision at all. After ‘English Vingish’, ‘MOM’ took two years to put everything together – the subject, the actors. We finally rolled in 2016.

Did you miss acting a lot when you were on a break?
I always believe in one thing – whatever I do, I want to give my 100%. When I was working, I gave my 100% to my profession. When I became a mother, I was taking care of my kids. So it was my conscious decision to take a break. It was not like I was missing (acting).

Now will we see more often in films?
Let’s see. I don’t plan things. After 15 years, ‘English Vinglish’ happened and then, ‘MOM‘ happened. So let’s see what lies in the future. I don’t believe in planning things.

How are you as a mother? Are you very strict?
Not really. It all depends on your children, right? If they are very naughty then you have to be little strict. But my children are very sensible. They know where I’m coming from and value my feelings. They don’t give me many opportunities to become very strict.

Your daughters are yet to enter films but they are constantly under the media glare. How do you feel as an actress, and as a mother?
Look, we can’t help it. The times have changed. Media is different now. So you have to cope with it.

But don’t you feel at times there’s too much invasion of privacy? And they’re yet to get into films. So, that adds to the pressure also.
Can you help it? You can’t. So it’s better you enjoy it.


Do you feel there’s sexism in the industry? Do actors have a longer shelf life than actresses? 
There’s nothing like that. Times have changed now. Producers are exploring new and different stories. It’s a better time to be in the industry and I’m very happy to still be a part of it.

What do you think are the qualities that still make you relevant? The qualities that make people want to watch you on screen?
How can I talk about my own qualities? I just want to say that I think I am a newcomer and I feel this (MOM) is my first movie.

Have you given any tips to your daughters to enter the industry?
Well, they have been brought up in this kind of an environment. They know how much hard work is put in. They have watched me going to shoot and working hard. So they know getting into films is not going to be a cakewalk.

Would you want to act with your daughters sometime in the future?
This is not in my hands. I’m not a director or a producer. So how can I decide?

But as an actress or a mother, won’t you like to work with your daughters?
Of course, it’ll be great for any mother or any daughter. But such decisions are taken by the filmmaker.