Posted on May 26, 2017 at 7:11 am


UA Exclusive| Rhea Chakraborty: Saqib Saleem Calls Me Selena Gomez And I Call Him Justin Bieber

The cute bubbly actress, who proved that she is not only cute but also hot after her hot and sexy photoshoot, Rhea Chakraborty is back with some unique roles in ‘Half Girlfriend’, ‘Dobaara’ and ‘Bank Chor’.



UrbanAsian got a chance to interview this amazing actor, where she spoke about her character in ‘Dobaara’, about her equation with Saqib Saleem, and also about being called the “Gareebo Ki Shakira”.




  • What made you say yes to the role in ‘Dobaara’?

Saqib (Saleem) and I have been friends for a long time, and recently I have started bonding with Huma (Qureshi) as well. So they called me, and asked me to do a special appearance in Dobaara and I said yes, why not! I am extremely fond of them. I play the role of Tanya, who is a lawyer. She constantly warns others about the dangers in the house, and she plays a special role in the audience’s point of view.


  • Any scary moment that took place on the set?

When Saqib tried to break a mirror in a shot, it didn’t break, and then the director said lets to another take tomorrow. So the next day, when I was sitting and chatting with Saqib on the set, the mirror suddenly cracked and everyone got scared, but then everyone started saying it’s because of humidity or air pressure (laughs).



  • Do you believe in super natural powers?

I do, I believe in ghosts.



  • Any incident that had taken place?

Not personally, but I have grown up listening to many horror stories, and watching many horror movies. Like when I sleep, I always feel that someone is under my bed, and I leave my one leg out of the blanket.


  • If an object close to you is haunted then what would you do?? Would you rather get rid of it or destroy it?

It is very difficult to say, but mostly I will just get rid of it.


  • How was it working with Saqib again? Was he different on this set than ‘Mere Dad Ki Maruti’?

He has matured as an actor. He has become better. Our relationship has got better. We talk to each other a lot, we share almost everything. He calls me Selena Gomez and I call him Justin Bieber.


  • Was it difficult to get rid of your hair for the role you played in ‘Half Girlfriend’?

It was actually difficult, because all my life I had short hair and I hated it, and I always wanted to have long hair, so after I grew up I started growing my hair. But I had to cut my hair for this role, as it went with my character and my look in Half Girlfriend. But now, I am happy to have short hair. It doesn’t matter. Infact I feel every girl should try having short hair, as it looks good.


  • If required will you be ready to put on weight or go bald for any character of a movie?

Of course. If I like the film, and the role I would definitely go for it.


  • In the spoof video of ‘Bank Chor’ you have been called as the “Gareebo Ki Shakira”. Your comment on it?

We all came up with this concept together at YRF. I feel that you should be able to laugh at yourself, before any one laughs at you. I loved the video. We all laughed together. I loved to be called as Gareebo Ki Shakira. Infact I played Chandigarh Ki Shakira in my first movie which was with the same banner, so I said let’s keep it as Gareebo Ki Shakira now.


  • Any particular role you are looking for?

I am looking for many types of roles, and I hope I get to play them soon. But right now, I am enjoying doing roles that pass on some message.


  • Your upcoming project?

Right now I am promoting ‘Bank Chor’ and ‘Dobaara’, and soon I will be signing up a project, about which I cannot reveal anything now. Hopefully soon, I will be announcing something.