Posted on October 23, 2023 at 4:32 pm

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SUPERKIND Returns With Their New Mini Album, Profiles of the Future (Λ) :70%

SUPERKIND returns with the release of their new mini-album, Profiles of the Future (Λ) : 70%. This is the group’s first comeback as a full set of seven members, including both AI members SAEJIN and SEUNG. The album follows their slogan “2Dx3D, Dimensions Assemble!” by strategically combining elements of both 2D and 3D. The album narrates a Sci-Fi cyberchase in which NUKE (AI members) are chasing PRID (human members) as wanted criminals.

A notable highlight of this comeback is the group’s complete ensemble of all seven members, including the remarkable AI members SAEJIN and SEUNG. This marks a significant milestone for SUPERKIND, as their cohesive synergy and collective energy reach new heights, promising a musical journey that transcends the conventional boundaries of pop culture.

“Profiles of the Future (Λ) : 70%” encapsulates the essence of the group’s visionary slogan, “2Dx3D, Dimensions Assemble!” This groundbreaking mini-album ingeniously fuses the immersive realms of both 2D and 3D, resulting in a multi-dimensional sonic experience that pushes the boundaries of artistic expression. By skillfully intertwining elements from the realms of both 2D animation and 3D visualization, SUPERKIND has crafted a musical masterpiece that blurs the lines between reality and imagination, offering listeners an unparalleled auditory and visual adventure.

Photo Credit: DEEPSTUDIO
Photo Credit: DEEPSTUDIO

“Before that, SAEJIN and SEUNG each had their own narrative-oriented activities, but this time, we will all be working together as a seven-member superkind. In that sense, I think this “Beam me up” is a step closer to announcing SUPERKIND. I know that the line “Beam me up” is a famous line from <Star Trek>. As such, the “Beam me up” music video pays homage to content such as <Men in Black> and <Cowboy Bebop>, so I hope you can find those parts and enjoy the sci-fi elements.”


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