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Sai Ketan Rao – “My fans are my lucky charm.”

In Conversation With Sai Ketan Rao

Sai Ketan Rao - "My fans are my lucky charm."

Sai Ketan Rao. Does the name sound familiar? Of course, it does. I am referring to one of the popular faces on Indian television. Sai who’s made a fantastic Hindi Television debut with Star Plus’s popular show Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali got into an exclusive conversation with me as he discusses his journey, career aspirations and more. Firstly, I asked Sai what inspired him to become an actor? To which he responded, I always wanted to become an actor as I knew I had the spark in me but was uncertain for a long time. Hence I kept quiet whilst I completed my engineering course and thereafter I took up acting as a career path.”

Sai is currently seen on Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali which at the time of conducting the interview completed six months and had aired over 150 episodes. I asked Sai how he felt as he completed this milestone and if he could share some of the challenging moments and experiences. To which he responded, “Every single day for me in Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali is special and challenging because it presents me with new hurdles to keep the spirit alive. Also, the fact that so many people around me are supporting me is great. So, thank you for loving our show and keep supporting and watching Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali.”

Not only are people loving the show, but Sai’s pairing with his fellow co-star Shivangi Khedkar has been a rage on social media with their character pairing “Raghvi” trending regularly. I thus asked Sai, what does he feel that has made #Raghvi successful? He responded, “Shivangi is also a debutant like me in the Hindi Serial space and she is also from a theatre background like myself which helps us get the proper chemistry on screen. Also, we have built a good friendship offscreen which helps us to get comfortable on screen too, and that’s how #Raghvi comes alive on screen.”

Putting Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali aside, I then asked Sai if there is any particular role he would like to play in the future? To which he responded, “I would like to play all possible roles in the coming future and I am just excited for it. However, I would surely love to play a spy in the future.” Well, that sure sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

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Talking about interests led me to ask Sai about his boxing and swimming career. Yes, you read that correctly! Sai who’s an excellent actor is also a state-level boxer and a swimmer. Hence, I asked him if given the opportunity to partake in a national and/or global sporting event would he participate? To which he responded, “Yes I would like to continue Boxing, for sporting events and also for any other acting project too.” No wonder those boxing sequences of Raghav Rao look so flawless, we should’ve known?!

Besides work, I then probed Sai what he enjoys doing in his spare time? To which he gave a rather witty response, “Well we are shooting in Kolhapur, so in my spare time I usually go for grocery shopping (laughs) and workouts mostly.” Well, that was a certainly funny but relatable response.

I then asked Sai a series of rapid-fire questions as follows. Firstly, If you had a chance to go on a solo adventure trip, where would you like to go? Sai instantly responded, “Europe.” Secondly, if you could give one fun/random fact about yourself, what would it be? Again, the actor immediately responded, “Bathroom Singer.” Thirdly, What motivates you on days where you don’t feel so good? Sai pauses but quickly responds, “I have knocked more than 500 production house doors for chances and auditions and those days still motivate me when I feel low at times.”

As I was nearing the end of the interview, I asked Sai one piece of advice that he would give to his younger self? To which he responded, “I just wanted to tell the younger one to start your acting career earlier.”

As we wrapped up the interview Sai decided to give a message to all his fans, “My fans are my lucky charm and I just can’t thank them enough in words. They love me a lot and I hope they continue support me in all the steps of my journey. Thank you.”

Well there you go folks, that is Sai Ketan Rao for you. Keep up with and I shall be back with another article.

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