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Vidya Balan Goes Vocal For Local: Pics Inside

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Vidya Balan goes vocal for local, carrying on the initiative started by our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. To be Aatma Nirbhar and also support small and local entrepreneurs.

Vidya Balan
Vidya Balan

Vidya embraced all the garments ensembled by the local entrepreneurs and designers and made every look so phenomenal.

Look 1:  #vocalforlocal:

Placing an emphasis on conscious creation & consumption, this Urvashi Kaur silhouette combines luxury with ease. Handcrafted, this versatile textured cotton tunic dress paired with dhotis is one of of the labels signature styles that has been used across many collections in different handwoven textiles and this particular one is hand dyed with minimal details like kantha stitch technique .


Look 2:  #SustainableFashion:

This outfit is made from natural fibres and can be composted together with your food and garden waste, as opposed to fabrics like nylon or polyester. Fabrics that are 100% natural will be expensive compared to the mixed variety, but for a good reason. Buy less, buy good and rewear the outfit.

Look 3:  #vocalforlocal:

The saree is a Korvai Kora Cotton, woven in the district of Coimbatore. Textured body of the saree with zari borders in contrast colours are a trademark of the humble weave. The handwoven saree gets softer with each wear.
Bought at a small exhibition in Coimbatore,our country has exceptional skill at the grassroots.


Look 4: #vocalforlocal :

The tiered maxi dress is by Payal Pratap who has used chanderi silk and cotton for the outfit with embroidered cross stitch. The drape of the garment which would have been previously achieved by a mill made textile, has found a handwoven alternative. Our country is so rich in textiles and woven skills, that we don’t need to look to the west.


Look 5: Korvai Cotton weave:

The black and gold classic saree is yet another Korvai Cotton weave. Weaver’s are their best designer’s. They know the limitations of the humble loom and hence make innovations within those limitations. The saree’s double border has been block printed by the artisan. Though this may not seem a big deal to a designer, it is a huge leap for maybe a new generation artisan in their family lineage. Support artisans who actually herald our countries textile tradition.


Look 6: #vocalforlocal:

This Indian pant suit by Rouka has been made in collaboration with aranya natural. The natural dyed silk with clamp dyed shibori dots, have been done by differently abled artisans in Munnar. Clothes today need a deep meaning than just ‘looks’ and question that everytime you shop.


Look 7: #vocalforlocal:

The wrap maxi is made from the softest handloom cotton and hand block printed. Block printing has been one of the widely popular crafts of India, and for a reason. They are beautiful in their imperfections, they are beautiful because they are made by hand.


Look 8: Saree is a silk:

The saree is a silkbut digitally printed. Ayush has carefully manufactured the mulberry silk to be a low waste process and mindful in the re-cultivation of the hardy tree.
#Vocalforlocal also means we ask questions before making a purchase, and only buy when we are satisfied that we’re not a part of harm.


Look 9: The Ganai family of Bengal:

The Ganai family of Bengal wove this handloom cotton which is hand block printed and dyed in natural dyes. The leftover fabrics were used to make potlis. The fabric if disposed will decompose back to the soil. #vocalforlocal means asking questions before you buy so that your clothes don’t clog the planet.


Look 10: This Brij Bari mul mul saree:

This Brij Bari mul mul saree is soft and most apt for the summers of India. Crafted by weavers in Delhi the saree is a fun play on the classic black-white-red combination.
#vocalforlocal doesn’t mean that you don’t find variety.

Look 11: The pink handwoven chanderi saree:

The pink handwoven chanderi saree handwoven is part of Rouka’s ‘every inch of fabric’ initiative that uses all the fabric from their garmenting to create surface ornamentation and textures.
#vocalforlocal means creating beautiful pieces with using waste and being mindful.


Look 12: #vocalforlocal:

Sustainable and comfortable fuss free long yoke cut strap dress with handmade print of flora and fauna.Digitally printed on 100% basic weave pure cotton muslin, with a woven jacket.


Look 13: #vocalforlocal:

This salwar kameez has been made in a woven silk chanderi. The brand has used natural tie and dyed techniques and then dyed in natural organic indigo colours.


Look 14: #vocalforlocal:

This ensemble is such that can be worn as separates and restyled. Created in handwoven organic cotton and striking signature shibori pattern, this blazer adds structure to any separate it is paired with. The hand pleated palazzos with artisanal treatment like the custom made block print make it a statement piece. #vocalforlocal States that with power comes responsibility, and being a bigger brand means making clothes more meaningful.


Look 15: This Anavila linen saree:

This Anavila linen saree not just is mindful in its resources but also thoughtful about the community weavers in Bengal where it was woven, or the block printers in Gujarat. #vocalforlocal In indian crafts mainly means sustaining communities, culture and stories.


Look 16: #vocalforlocal:


The outfit is made with hand spun linen and the print is hand developed
The kurta also has hand embroidered beads and this is designed in collaboration with Padukas Artisans NGO that empowers rural women.


Look 17: Block printed cottons:

Block printed cottons are the best for summers. This piece is block printed by the artisans of Sanganeri lanes. The process of printing softens the fabric. #vocalforlocal means adapting age old techniques to make it relevant with the times we are in.


Look 18:  #vocalforlocal:

This hand block pure cotton kurta set, is a classic black and white and extremely versatile as separates. #vocalforlocal is small businesses keeping it traditional but adding a little extra fun and fringe to it.


Look 19: #vocalforlocal:

The handloom cotton inspired from the authentic hand block of Jaipur. Indigo, the deep and rich blue color is derived from the ancient dye. The indigo prints have been taken to remarkable journey and evolved over time in India.


Look 20: Big bold checkered patterns:

Big bold checkered patternswere seen on international runways. But the madras checks, originated in the Chennai – karaikudi region of India. #vocalforlocal means something classic will always be in trend.


Look 21: #vocalforlocal:

This aubergine coloured kurta is completely hand woven ,hand embroidered. #vocalforlocal means having a sustainable approach from its fabrics to the packaging that they do.The fabrics are right from the hands of weavers which are converted to wearable art


Look 22: #vocalforlocal:

This is a hand crafted kala cotton collar flare dress with a mock placket and pants. @organichanger works with stand alone weavers, local artisans, Tailors and Printers to make garments showcasing their best skills and build communities. #vocalforlocal is believeing in slow fashion and it’s power to influence the world and change lives.


Look 23: #vocalforlocal:

Hand embroidered on silk accented with wooden trims, this ensemble by Anushree supports small business. #vocalforlocal means finding small brands who creates an aesthetic beyond fashion cycles and in turn support artisans.


Look 24: #vocalforlocal:

This half-half saree is upcycled. The red cotton checkered base is paired with a black chiffon and a gold border sewn over.,#vocalforlocal means statements from what otherwise would be waste.


Look 25: Kala Cotton of Kachchh:

Kala Cotton of Kachchh is the original pure Old World cotton and an indigenous crop of India. This sari is a experimentation within the tradition to add modernity.
#vocalforlocal is brands that understand the nuances of the technicality of the loom.


Look 26: #vocalforlocal:

The saree is woven by weavers of Nadia West Bengal. It is hand spun Handwoven cotton fabric, technically termed khadi by definition.


Look 27:#vocalforlocal :

The mix-match outfit is an amalgamation of the artisanal skill that our land has. From block printing, to hand painting and tie-dye #vocalforlocal is wearing our heritage on our sleeves -literally!


Look 28: #vocalforlocal:

This Classic Black & Golden Tussar Dupion Silk Saree has a beautiful ghicha silk pallu created by artisans, weavers and patrons.


Look 29: #VocalForLocal:

This @arte.alter dress is handcrafted in natural dyed indigo khadi, hand woven by khadi weaving clusters in murshidabad, west bengal and is paired with a hand spun hand woven khadi cotton jamdani jacket


Look 30: #vocalforlocal:

This pale pink sari features hand painted botanicals transferred digitally to organza silk with a poplin cotton blouse. #sustainability means having classics which can be reused and restyled


Look 31: #vocalforlocal:

This saree is a Sambalpuri bandha (tie and dye) silk. Woven over period of one month in kendupali, Sonepur. Hand woven by Ramakant Meher, with mulberry bangalore silk yarn.


Look 32: Shibori & Sarees:

Shibori and sarees are age old techniques that it can get stagnant.This ensemble takes on a fun twist to the saree with traditional tie dye.#vocalforlocal is innovating with age old techniques


Look 33: #Vocalforlocal:

In the most core means to wear classics and heritage. This Violet chanderi saree and blouse is hand embroidered with zari and moti from the Mughal-Indian era.


Look 34: @nadiyapaar Saree:

It is handwoven in Bhagalpur has hand drawn oleander flower motif printed on gauzy linen. The sari is inspired by the designers childhood memories of collecting these flowers to make garlands.#VocalforLocal is mixing nostalgia with ones own heritage

Which look do you like the most do let us know in the comments section below.

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