Posted on June 22, 2020 at 8:25 pm

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Vikas Sethi: My dad always wanted me to become an actor

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Father of actor Vikas Sethi had always dreamt of the latter joining the acting industry. The actor says that he loved acting right since his childhood. “My dad wanted me to become an actor. When I was seventeen, I came to Bombay. I still remember there was a premiere of my movie Oops and that time he brought all the building members in my premier. That was a very proud moment for him. He used to love watching my show Kyu Hota Hai Pyar and whenever others used to refer to him as Kuku, my character’s father, he would love it. Wherever I used to travel, I used to bring something for him and he used to take care of it very nicely,” he says.

Vikas Sethi
Vikas Sethi

The actor has been part of films as well as TV shows. Talking about the working style in both, he says, “On TV, you need to work very fast and in films, you work slowly. During our time, we used to shoot one day or even 2 hours before the telecast. TV demands us to read the script and go in one flow. Films are more relaxed.”

Talking about his future plans, Vikas Sethi says, “Now, I want to become a producer and produce something quality. I will do acting also. I want to work on a mature love story.”

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