Posted on November 13, 2019 at 10:16 am

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Jacqueline Fernandez Reveals How Katy Perry Is Going To Enjoy In Mumbai

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American pop star Katy Perry is in Mumbai and she has already made her appearance with her Bollywood buddy Jacqueline Fernandez.


She recently attended an event in the city with the Sri Lankan beauty.

The singer-songwriter is set to perform at an upcoming music festival on November 16. But before she wows THE audiences with her vocals, she is set to enjoy the city.

During a media interaction, Jacqueline Fernandez revealed many things about Katy Perry.

She said, the singer is interested in Bollywood and eating out while in Mumbai.

According to Jacqueline,

“She is very interested in Bollywood and in watching a couple of movies. When she asked me to recommend one, I suggested Kick. It’s really sweet that she wants to understand the culture and immerse herself into some Bollywood films,” Jackie told Mirror. Katy Perry reaches Mumbai, gets candid with Jacqueline Fernandez During her last visit in 2012, when she performed at the opening ceremony of Indian Premier League in Chennai, she didn’t get to discover India, so this time, even though her schedule is jam-packed, it’s all about “immersing and educating.”

She adds,

“I’m sure Jacqueline is going to take me shopping, eating,” Perry said, adding, “I’ve always looked at Mumbai as a destination I really want to be at… And I’m excited to indulge in all things Indian.” Since Katy has a performance on Nov 16, I don’t want to feed her anything that can upset her stomach. I’m going to be very cautious if I take her out to eat anywhere –Jacqueline Fernandez Jackie promises that whenever Perry gets some time, they will go around the city. “I would love for her to try some homemade pani puri. Since she has a performance on November 16, I don’t want to feed her anything that can upset her stomach. I’m going to be very cautious if I take her out to eat anywhere.”

Earlier we also reported that Karan Johar will be hosting a party at his residence on Thursday to welcome Katy Perry.

Jacqueline also praised Katy saying,

“She’s an amazingly talented performer and entertainer. We have something in store for the show, but we will keep that a surprise for the moment.”

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