Posted on September 3, 2019 at 3:38 am

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Abhisting Releases New Summer Song ‘Everything About You’

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Abhisting Releases New Summer Song ‘Everything About You’

Abhisting Releases New Summer Song ‘Everything About You’. Abhisting is no newcomer to the music industry has had his music videos on MTV India and getting interviews/songs premiered on the BBC Asian Network.

Based in New York, Abhisting, a 26-year-old singer/rapper has been slowly working away for the last few years building his name, working with established artists such as Raxstar and releasing a vast catalog of hit records. Abhisting is back with his brand new single ‘Dace Star’, his first release of 2019.
‘Dance Star’ can be described as a mid-tempo Urban Asian fusion. The catchy melody will definitely have you singing along and will be sure to go down well live.

‘Everything About You’ can be described as a fun EDM song with a true summer vibe that gets everyone dancing.

With constant support from numerous media outlets, it is fair to say Abhisting is here to stay.

‘Everything About You’ is now available on all major platforms.

About Abhisting

Abhisting is a NY based rapper/singer/songwriter who had fallen in love with music since the age of 15. He would often get told by his parents that it would take him nowhere. On his 18th Birthday he had made physical copies of his first mixtape called “Next Chapter” to hand out to his friends. But his parents were very against him making music at the time. They had broken the physical copies he made and then threw them in the trash. They knew he was going to Northeastern University next year and didn’t want music to interfere with his studies. But his friends ended up getting a Pro Tools microphone for his birthday so his mood wasn’t ruined for too long. Once in college at Northeastern University he was taking music more seriously and started going to music studios. He had dropped a mixtape called “Next Generation” his junior year which allowed him to lock down a collaboration with Raxstar. Ever since then he had been on his grind dropping more music videos and performing at shows.

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