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Mad Dreams Tour Durban Review: Here’s Why You NEED to See Vidya Vox Perform Live Every Chance You Get!

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Vidya Vox Toured Durban South Africa Recently &  Absolutely Blew Our Minds!

21 July 2019 – Sunocoast The Dome, Durban South Africa

YouTube sensation Vidya Vox took Durban by storm on a cold Sunday night and honestly we enjoyed every second of it! Hosted by some of Durban’s finest event companies and some of our favorite locals Varshan Sookhan & Shay Ramjee, the night was certainly one to remember.

To be honest, I had no idea what to expect, countless questions floated in my mind. Was it going to be amazing? Are her songs as amazing live in comparison to YouTube? Don’t get me wrong I’m certainly a fan. Vidya’s Kutthu Fire EP was what won me over! Despite my concerns, I tagged along with two of my amazing friends and had the time of my life! Vidya certainly turned a skeptic into a believer.

Armed with her band Vidya appeared on Stage to open with her track Diamonds, originally featuring Arjun. While Arjun adds a spark to the track, the live performance was just as spectacular without him. You might be wondering what her vocals were like,  it was simply mind-blowing! Crisp-clear vocals, falsettos, Raag-esque vocals, and transition from the Indian classical melodies to modern upbeat pop and RnB made the night rather enchanting. The crown was a little lethargic at first, myself included but by the second half, the entire room was electric.

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Durban was fortunate to hear her Mad Dreams album prior to release. If you thought Kutthu Fire was amazing, Mad Dreams the EP is certainly a force to be reckoned with! I found it quite heartwarming as she shared her sentiments with the crowd. To be honest there wasn’t a song I didn’t like on the Mad Dreams EP.

Her sound is unique, it has this quality about it that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s rather pleasing! Vidya doesn’t create music that gets lost in the crowd, she reminds me a bit of Zayn Malik. Strong vocals, unique sounds, and work that’s truly authentic and that kind of talent are certainly rare.

Durban is Africa’s Multicultural hub, and I feel that Vidya and her team (Band and dancers) would certainly be Durban’s ultimate representatives. Her multicultural band adds a unique flair to the feel of the show and I loved it, switching from language to language, English, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Telegu and even Punjabi with such ease, impressive to say the least! One thing that stood out to me, her medley of classic Bollywood tracks along with popular Tamil songs, she performed with such vigor never once losing the essence of any song, in fact, she made everything far more enjoyable.

Having witnessed Vidya first hand, I must admit she is certainly one of the greatest Indian artists of our generation and I would like to wish her everything of the best with the Mad Dreams EP, it’s certainly a work of art created by outstandingly talented people!

What’s Your Favorite Mad Dream’s Track?

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