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Sumeet Vyas: 5 Things That We Didn’t About This Versatile Person

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We still adore and love Mikesh from Permanent Roommates. Played by Sumeet Vyas, the actor made us go gaga over him from Permanent Roommates. His character of Chandan from TVF Tripling also stole away our hearts. But Sumeet is a man who wears many capes.


While his escapades an actor is what he is most admired for, industry wallahs will tell you he is amongst the most sought after writers in the digital world, who was the first to break into the arena way before the arrival of Netflix and Amazon.


As Sumeet Vyas rings his 36th birthday, we at UrbanAsian would like to list 5 things that you didn’t know about the actor.


Humble beginnings


Contrary to popular belief, Sumeet didn’t have the big bucks to back him. He is from a middle-class family of writers and was in a humble environment. Growing up in Bhayander, he studied at a local school. Because of this upbringing, his core middle values are strong which shows in the approach of his characters – ambitious yet grounded.


He quips, “Growing up I hated privileged people!” – pointing to the fact that they are often devoid of drive.


Professional theatre


Sumeet aspired to be a pilot as a kid but his passion for performance arts was so strong that through his teenage years, he kept getting more clear about his true calling. He was 17 when he first started working with Nadira Babbar and spent a large part of his career learning the nuances of writing and acting on stage. He was 20 when he directed his first play.


Small to big stardom


Quitting a lucrative television career wasn’t an easy move for Vyas but he wanted to get over the sense of redundancy that comes with the platform. He moved to movies starting to two bits in films like Jashn and Aarakshan till Sridevi starrer English Vinglish put the spotlight on him.


His major acting breakthrough came with TVF’s Permanent Roommates which struck a chord with all; making him and co-star Nidhi bonafide digital superstars.


Accidental writer


While Sumeet is a writing buff, he is of the belief that he became a writer by fluke. He often jokes that Bang Baaja Baarat, Tripling, Love per square foot were all accidentally successful.


Biking bug


Vyas is an avid biker with a penchant for traveling. He and his bullet are inseparable; his wife teases him. The actor has taken extensive road trips on his bullet traveling the length and breadth of the country.


If he is taking a break from the hulabuloo of Mumbai, movie sets and writing board, he is more often than not found exploring the serenity of a new travel destination he stumbled upon during his ride.


We love you Sumeet and wish you a very happy birthday!

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