Posted on January 18, 2019 at 7:21 am

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#10YearChallenge: Hollywood Celebrities & Their Transformation

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Social media is all about some or the other challenges. After the Kiki Challenge, a new challenge has come up on social media that is making people go crazy and i.e. the #10YearChallenge.


This challenge has created a lot of buzz not only among celebrities but among everyone using social media. Using the hashtag #10YearChallenge, people have been uploading pictures of themselves side-by-side taken ten years apart.


What exactly is this #10YearChallenge?

Participants simply post two images – usually side by side – which were taken at least ten years apart. The message is Self-love and showing the world how you’ve “glowed up” or “aged” or “how built up are you”. The aim is to showcase how much you have changed or not.


Today we would like to give you a list of Hollywood celebrities who have taken the #10YearChallenge and shared it on the Instagram page.


Have a look:


Mariah Carey


Isla Fisher




Jennifer Lopez


Brie Larson


Anne Hathaway




Kate Hudson


Reese Witherspoon


Trevor Noah


Jessica Biel


Miley Cyrus


Amy Schumer


Tyra Banks


Janet Jackson


Chance The Rapper


Nick Cannon


Gabrielle Union-Wade


Sarah Silverman


Sarah Hyland


Mark Ruffalo


Kate Beckinsale


Elizabeth Banks


Marvel Studios


Woahhh!! Now that is amazing, right? So have you done your #10YearChallenge? If not then come on try it and see 😉

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