Posted on December 3, 2018 at 9:23 am

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The First Episode Of Vice India’s क Se Crime Is Here

The first episode, ’न Se Nakal Mafia’, of non-fictional six-part crime series ‘क Se Crime – The VICE Guide to Crime in India’ released today. The episode is currently airing on the VICE India Facebook Page. क Se Crime is inspired by the now trending Amazon Prime Original crime thriller Series, ‘Mirzapur’.

क Se Crime
क Se Crime

Nakal Mafia takes a closer look at an act that seems to be quintessentially Indian, the cheating racket. Getting into a prestigious educational institution or government job is a matter of prestige for most in India; and a way to move up in life for many. This is the primary reason for criminal gangs to flourish that specialize in the ways to get papers ahead of examination, get exam centers infiltrated by examiners and teachers (especially in UP and Bihar) that will do everything from leaking question to even sending an impersonator to take an exam for someone else.


The remaining episodes will release over the course of two weeks looking at different aspects of crime in Uttar Pradesh. These episodes include ‘ग Se Gang’, a look at how organized criminal gangs function and rise to positions of power and influence. The other episodes in the series include ‘श Se Shooter’, ‘औ Se Auzaar’, ‘फ Se Faraari’ and ‘स se Smuggling.’


Subsequently, VICE India will be distributing this original episodic series beyond its owned-and-operated platforms in India; providing its global reach through its international presence.


Speaking about the show, Samira Kanwar, Head of Content at VICE India said:

“We are very excited to showcase this particular piece of original work to our audiences.  The VICE Guide To Crime In India is a reflection of what we intend to do as VICE India – capture the pulse of India in a way that is culturally relevant and goes beyond languages or regions we come from.”


Watch the episode of क se Crime’s N se Nakal Mafia here:

 क se Crime: N se Nakal Mafia – Inspired by Amazon Prime Original’s Mirzapur

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