Posted on December 13, 2018 at 9:57 am

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Ready For A Party? Read On To These Tips Before Dressing

It’s December and we all are excited for Christmas and New Year party. The party that everyone eagerly waits for.

But being a party-goer myself I have observed what looks nice isn’t always comfortable. And comfort is the most essential feeling when you’re out for hours dancing or having fun.


So for this party season, here are a few tips that you should go through once before going for a party:


1) Avoid super short body hugging clothes

Bandage dresses look great on those who can flaunt their great physique however if they are too short they might make a fashion disaster by revealing too much. They are extremely restrictive when it comes to dancing or even sitting. Make sure you wear dresses which make you look and feel the best.



2) Think again before wearing plunging necklines

Uh Oh! Dresses or tops with deep necklines suit occasions like a fancy dinner or an elegant high-class party. When you’re out shaking a leg or two, these necklines may make you extra conscious and hinder your confidence.



3) Beware of strapless clothes

Carrying off a strapless dress or top is definitely confidence-boosting, however, try wearing an off shoulder or one shoulder dress instead. They will have the right support and will give you enough oomph to dance just the way you want to.



4) Denims and fancy attires are the IN

Never underestimate what denims can do to you. May it be jeans or hot shorts, denims give you the too-cool-for-school look and if you can match it with a crop top or tank top you will look fabulous.


5) Reveal just one

It is a myth that the more skin you show the more sexy you are. A classy yet comfortable style statement is when your best aspect is revealed. If you’re wearing hot shorts or a skirt with a slit then make sure your top doesn’t reveal much. If you’re wearing lowers that cover your legs, then experiment with backless tops or off shoulder tees.


6) Netted and strappy clothes are a YES

Those who are too shy to try revealing dresses can always try net or strappy dresses that don’t make you nervous yet give a sassy look. Leaving enough for imagination, aye?


7) Wear the right bra

Girls, this is an aspect very few of us pay heed to. A strapless bra is a must in your wardrobe. And even new stick-on bras are reasonable and make for a fancy entry in your wardrobe. Get yourself acquainted with these extraordinary bras so that you can find them comfortable in your outings too.



8) Never ignore the footwear

And the most important aspect for your comfort is, of course, the footwear you choose. Stilettos are the sexiest type of heels (and the most uncomfortable). I have seen more girls carry these in their hands by the end of the night more than on their feet. So avoid stilettos and go for wedges (the more comfy heels). You may also wear fashionable strappy flats or flashy sneakers (like the light emitting ones) which will make you stand out and also be a relief for your feet.


I am sure you girls don’t want to focus your mind on your dress while dancing or enjoying.. So be careful!!

Enjoy Partying 💃🏻

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