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#OMG Desi Hoppers Take on World of Dance!

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#OMG Desi Hoppers Take on World of Dance 

Six guys, dope outfits, and two styles of dance correctly represented. What more can you ask for? Desi Hoppers are from Mumbai, India and finally answered the question of what we are all missing here in America, that Bollywood flow. These six boys are talented, professional, funny, charismatic, and not to mention attractive. In addition, they all individually stand out in their own way and it is shown when they perform. Dance is more than just moving to music, it’s a passion expressed through the music and these guys are a great example of how that is supposed to be done. Keep reading to find out all about their practices, struggles, and journey during World of Dance.

1.      How did you Guys Meet?

Shantanu: We came together for a show called ‘Bindass Naach’ on Disney Bindass, where we auditioned dancers all across India. The show was about forming a dance crew which would officially participate in World of Dance 2015 – ground competition

2.      How long have you guys been a dance crew?

 Macedon: We have been together for 3 years.

3.      Does everyone have a specific role on the team? If yes, what is each of your roles?

Shantanu: Apart from a specific role of our dance director, Palki Malhotra, we all have one role  – TO PERFORM! In addition, we all have different personalities. First off, we need Rohan in our most stressful days. His humor can make any tensed day normal. Macedon, on the other hand, is the one who balances everything out. Jack has the personality which we call ‘try it all’, he never gives up. The more complicated the move is, the more he has to try it. And lastly, as the new kid on the block, Mohit gets bullied. 

Macedeon: Shantanu is the perfectionist, who kills us to get in sync.

4.      How do you choose your songs?

Jack: Our dance director, Palki Malhotra, not only chooses songs, but also the kind of mix that is required in that song.

5.      Who gets distracted easily?

The whole team shared laughter at this question.

Mohit: Rohan Bhaiya does. Most of his distractions are bone tickling.

6.      When did you guys start practicing for NBC’s World of Dance?

Rohan: We started our rehearsals a month prior to the filming date we started our rehearsals.

7.      What was the experience at NBC World of Dance like?

Shantanu: It was a mix of emotions; nervousness, excitement, overwhelming and everything together. We had always dreamt of participating in WOD event and here we were competing in a reality TV show. This experience was beautiful.

Macedon: We were very well received by everyone. Not many people knew us, but everyone was nice to us. This is something people here need to learn. 

Jack: The whole vibe was like one dance family under one roof. Therefore, as performers, we always hope for this kind of a feeling.

Rohan: Not only the dancers, but also the crew members were so good too. 

Palki: The discipline with which these people work is commendable. The best part is that even if contestants have a game face on, they do not extend that beyond the studio.

Mohit: For me, everything was amazing as this was my first international trip. What can be better than participating in NBC’s World of Dance.

8.      Who is the most talkative?

The team laughed at this question as well.

Shantanu: We were so happy we got to do our favorite move, the spiral shoulder. We were not expecting Ne-Yo running up to us. It was the cherry on top of the cake. These are the moments we perform for. Everyone gets marks, but these small things matter so much. We will never forget the standing ovation and Ne-yo joining us for the spiral shoulder.

10.   Who is the head choreographer?

Jack: We all choreograph together. We have an amazing balance. For example, when Macedon and Shantanu are doing the choreography, everyone gives them space.

Macedon: Many times, when we face our creative block, everyone helps. 

Shantanu: The thing is that everyone is talented individually with their own set of dancing/choreographing strengths. Everyone has great ideas and inputs. Therefore, what you see is all of us TOGETHER. 

Rohan: Our main calls are taken by Palki ma’am. No matter how much ever we think the choreography is working, if she says we have to change it, we have no choice. 

Mohit: We would spend our days thinking the piece we came up with would impress her, but little did we know that we would get royal abuses. 

Macedon: By now we are used to it. We know that if she says it isn’t good then it really isnt good. 

Shantanu: The main focus for her is for us to stand out and here we are talking to you. Above all, I am sure we stood out at least a little.


11.   Who is the biggest flirt? and why?

Macedon: Does one need a reason to flirt? 

Shantanu: There you got your answer, yes Macedon is the biggest flirt, he has his own swag, but we have recently seen a surprise package. 

Macedon: Jack Bhaiyya, when he gets on the floor, he dances less and he teases enough for girls to come on and flirt with him all laughing.

12.   What was going through your head when you guys got off stage?

Rohan: Head???? no head, only heart.

Macedon: We honestly did not expect this kind of a reaction.

Shantanu: With everything sinking in, we had no frame of mind. As a result, we were all absorbing everything like sponge.  

Mohit: For me, it was like; Are these people really cheering for us? “The “best dancers” of the world, are they really cheering for us???” “The claps are also for us?” 

Jack: Finally, post our interaction with Jenna, we looked around and saw everyone smiling at us. They had this respect for us. All those people now knew us and that was something that we will forever cherish.

13.   What was your favorite part about being on the show?

Shantanu: Firstly, being a part of the worlds best dance reality show was our favorite part of being around the best dancers in the world. 

Rohan: Sharing the same stage with the dancers and crews that we have admired and been inspired from was the best part. 

Macedon: All under one roof – One big dance family.

14.   Being on a team is a lot of work and there are a lot of obstacles that come your way, what are some hardships you guys went through while being on the show?

Palki: I’ll take this one. Let me start by saying the ground reality. These boys are bread winners for their families. In India, by default, the boy of the house is supposed to be running the house. As we were training for the show and also being aa part of this show for couple of months, it left us with a few months of no earning.

Firstly, the boys faced a lot of trouble from their families. After a lot of bargaining, Macedon got this opportunity as his last. Jack knew when he steps foot in India, he has to hunt for a job. Rohan, whose family just bought a new house has to arrange money for the monthly loan. Shantanu, who seems to be settled, will later have to struggle, go back to his actor stint and make money as his family had to shift out. They all faced monetary obstacles. Secondly, their bodies started giving up on them. They were weak. Their diet did not comprise of protein. The food they were eating was cheap food. Their bodies required protein and they were not taking any in as they could not afford it. Thirdly, if all that wasn’t enough for them, every day was a new injury.

Although we could afford painkillers, we could not afford a proper treatment, We pulled in favors and got therapy for these guys. All this was frustrating, but we pulled it off together as a family.

15.   Can you give us a tease on what to expect after the show?

Macedon: First off, we have to individually start making money and then we together have started giving classes.

Shantanu: Together, we are also trying our hand to be a creative unit. With Palki ma’am, 20 yrs of experience and our international exposure, we want to be a unit where one can find a director/choreographer/cinematographer/editor – all under one roof.

16.   Were you starstruck by any of the judges?

Shantanu and Macedon: No, not really.

Jack: I was with JLo!  

Mohit: I think for us, it was a feeling of starstruck while on the stage, we were about to perform on.

17.   How do you choose your costumes?

Rohan: Palki Ma’am does all this for us. 

Palki: We primarily make our costumes. The idea is to stand out.

18.   What was your strategy on the tv show?

Palki: If I give it away, my secret will be out.

19.   Who’s the dancer that loves to freestyle?

Shantanu: I think only Rohan and I don’t freestyle. The rest of them are crazy freestylers.

20.   Who has more girls thrown at them?

Jack: Shantanu, he is the heartthrob of the crew. 

Shantanu: Because I have been on TV here, people know me.
Palki: All these boys are super charming in their own way. They have their own way of getting girls. The moment Jack and Mohit hit the stage the girls will look no where else. Then there is Macedon, who has his charming way of flirting. Once you are caught in that web, it is difficult to get out. Rohan is a closeted stripper. On one hand, he keeps pushing all these guys on to girls and then, on the other hand, he’s secretly hoping for someone to fall into his arms. While Shantanu is not interested, it explains why he attracts a lot of female attention.

Doesn’t hearing about the journey the Desi Hoppers went on, make you want to get up and dance? If you want to see more, check out the video below and also make sure you tune in to NBC’s World of Dance every Tuesday night to see what is yet to come from the Desi Hoppers.
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