Posted on September 11, 2017 at 8:51 am

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Mohammad Nazim wants to become the Indian Rambo

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After Saathiya wrapped up, popular TV actor Mohammad Nazim, who used to play the male lead in the show is not sitting idle. The actor has posted a few pictures of his new look on his social networking sites. It seems to be a new Nazim altogether.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

When asked, Nazim says,

“I am currently on a new mission where I am building my body. Wherever I am I have to work out for four hours. In the morning for two hours and then in the evening two hours. And also am eating 30 to 40 eggs per day, currently I am sporting a new look and I am still working out as I want to make a body of steel. I want to have a body like Rambo.”

Nazim also adds,

“I have grown with Saathiya. The show has made me popular and the journey has been fantastic. Now after the show I just want to focus on my physical fitness and training. I got an offer for Bigg Boss, but I am not doing it. I am also getting offers for films, but I want to work for some good scripts and some big production houses.”

Sources say Nazim is working out for a big ticket show!

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