Posted on September 7, 2017 at 9:29 am

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Some more drama in Nikhil’s life in What the Folks episode 4

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Dice Media have released the fourth episode – Stuck In The Middle- of its new original web series, ‘What the Folks’. This 5-episode web series airs every Thursday on Dice Media’s YouTube and Facebook channels.

The last three episodes have received heaps of love from viewers across the country and has already become one of the best performing series of 2017. The third episode saw Nikhil and his in-laws prepping to celebrate the Sharma couple’s anniversary, as they made some special memories together. That episode ended on a positive note but, does that mean Nikhil’s finally found his place with the Sharmas?

Well, the fourth episode is back to friction in the family, and this time the stress is real. Anita, is upset with her parents for telling all that Nikhil is elder to her while the reverse is actually true. Meanwhile, Nikhil gets an offer from his boss, Rohan Iyer, that has Nikhil second-guessing his decisions. A huge fight breaks out in the family which escalates the tension to critical levels. The episode ends on a major cliffhanger.

Watch the fourth episode, Stuck In The Middle here:

The show is directed by Ruchir Arun, while Anand Bhardwaj and Ayesha Nair have written it. The series stars Veer Rajwant as Singh Nikhil; Vipin Sharma and Deepika Amin as his father-in-law and the mother-in-law respectively. Eisha Chopra essays the part of his wife while, Anula Navlekar plays his sister-in-law respectively.

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