Posted on September 5, 2017 at 12:18 pm

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The Chainsmokers’ list of demands to visit India is here, and it’s not as bad

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The Chainsmokers will soon leave their mark in India, and they truly haven’t let us down with their list of demands, unlike Justin Bieber did some time ago. TBH, if I were like The Chainsmokers, I want something just like this. So baby, hold it closer and check out the list:

  1. Reportedly, the concert is scheduled to begin at 7 pm, but The Chainsmokers are expected to get on the stage at about 8:30 pm.
  2. Well, as per the source, despite having a scheduled show at 7 pm, the duo will not be leaving their hotel before 4 pm.
  3. A source also says that the duo has requested a Mercedes S Class, a BMW or an Audi for transport.
  4. Moreover, The Chainsmokers are very particular about their choice of pizza. Interestingly, they have specifically asked for cheese pizza of a particular make, which should not be Dominos. They also want fresh ham, turkey or salami in their sandwiches as they don’t want pre-packaged meat and their particular choices of vegetables which are lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. The condiments they want with this include mayo, mustard, horseradish.
  5. For the breakfast, they asked for an assortment of rolls and white bread, pickles, popcorn, vinegar chips as well as Jack Links Original Beef Jerky.
  6. They have also asked alcohol which includes Don Julio and Patron tequila, Titos vodka and Budweiser and Corona beer. The drinks also consist of Pellegrino and Perrier sparkling water, Gatorade, cranberry juice, assorted pressed juices, Starbucks Espresso Double Shots, Kombucha Tea, and Bloody Mary mix.
  7. As far as medicinal facilities are concerned, the duo wants Emergen C, Gummy Multi-Vitamins and Advil, scented candles and baby wipes.
  8. They require a Jacket Lapel Pin representing the country.
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