Posted on September 19, 2017 at 6:48 am

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Ali Fazal: Judi Dench owns a fidget spinner.

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Ali Fazal is on a promotional spree for now as his first Hollywood film as a lead protagonist – Victoria And Abdul, is being screened at several acclaimed film festivals and is also gaining an amazing response. The film just opened to number 2 at the U.K. Box office making a huge splash in its opening weekend itself.

Ali and Judi throughout the shoot shared an incredible bond despite their age difference. They both mutually admire each other and have been vocal of the same across. In an interview recently, Ali highlighted a very cool fact about Judi, something we all can be fascinated by! While the world has been obsessed over a Fidget spinner making waves across social media, Ali was surprised to know Judi too loved and owned a Fidget Spinner! He mentioned how Judi is a big Fidget Spinner fan and always carries one with her.

In a recent interview, Ali Fazal said,

“She owns a fidget spinner. Judi Dench owns a fidget spinner! It’s the coolest damn thing.”

Nonplussed, Dench reaches into her purse.

“My grandson gave it to me.”

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