Posted on June 28, 2017 at 5:52 am

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The Foreigner Trailer: Do We Need To Say Anything More Than It’s Pierce Brosnan VS Jackie Chan?

Yeah, we said it! Can there be anything more legendary than James Bond alias Pierce Brosnan vs none other than Jackie Chan?

Jackie might have turned old for the movie, but man, he can still scare away people or make them furious and get them to confess what he wants to hear. But then again, there’s Pierce Brosnan, who’s been in the game long enough to open his mouth that easily.

The story in ‘The Foreigner’ trailer might seem easy – a father (Jackie) trying to find out who killed his daughter, through Pierce, but there’s more to the story – lots of action the other person didn’t expect.

While we love both Jackie and Pierce, it’s just about time that we know who will win the war.

Till then, watch the trailer here: