Posted on April 5, 2017 at 6:07 am

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Mrunal Jain: I Am Definitely Going To Miss India

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Mrunal Jain is one TV actor who has managed to break out like no other artist before in the country. The ‘Uttaran’ star is not just popular in India, but he has an international following as well.


Talking about how he reached there, he says:

Uttaran has been a game changer for my career. I had never expected the response that my character in the show got. There was so much love, not just from India, but from other countries as well. This make me feel like I am really blessed. Like, whenever I travel, I get to see so much love that I and the cast of the show receive from audience all over, it’s overwhelming. I feel that I have become one of those actors who is greeted by the fans and loved by the fans outside the country!”


About his last show ‘Naagarjuna Ek Yodha’ doing so well, he says:

Nagarjuna has been also been airing in Indonesia, and I am happy that the show has been picked up over there. It feels really good that both shows will air together. I am positive that people are going to love and support the shows.”


Ask him about the Indonesian TV show he has landed, Mrunal says:

“I don’t have any details as of now but I know I am going to be a part of international series and it’s going to be a very different experience. It’s a different cast and crew. So it is always going to be a learning phase for me. I am really looking forward to it because it is something which I have never done and it’s being really good that I’m acting and doing a TV show outside India.”


Mrunal, who will be shooting for the series, will be in Indonesia for three months and will definitely miss home.


He says:

“I will be out of India for three months. I am going to miss my home, my family and my loved ones. While it’s going to be really hard to stay without them, I feel that everybody wants to see me progress and be successful in life. The bond is never going to change and things will remain the same. But yes, I am going to miss my country, my home, and my loved ones!”

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