Posted on January 6, 2021 at 12:41 pm

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Exclusive: ROYAL Releases Bangla/English Single ‘Eshe Gechi’

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Exclusive: Musician ROYAL Releases Bangla/English Single 'Eshe Gechi'

Crown The Brown Exclusive: ROYAL Releases Bangla/English Single ‘Eshe Gechi’. Musician ROYAL always knows how to bring the heat on the music scene. Known for his incredible range and fire beats, ROYAL dropped a new single called ‘Eshe Giche’.

ROYAL‘s new single is a combination of Bangla and English. Talk about the best of both worlds. The lyrical delivery between the languages bring such a fire South Asian flow with such an addictive beat! We simply cannot get enough of it!

“Eshe Gechi” has a catchy tumbi melody loop, and a hard-hitting fusion trap soundscape. Crafted to be a South-Asian hype-up anthem. The lyrical content of “Eshe Gechi” touches upon the importance of internal validation and authentically representing yourself amidst a world where all is not what it seems.

In a world where we are continuously fighting for validation and representation, it is admirable to see artists showcase their culture in such an inclusive manner. Additionally, ROYAL combined his two worlds in the form of music. Similarly, a world that taught him so much and helped him identify more within himself.

Furthermore, the song is such a hype and really brings a new edge to the fusion created throughout mainstream and South Asian music. An anthem for many with such a unique combination. This song will surely be on rotation for quite some time as the lyrics are so powerful and the beat so rhythmic.

Be sure to stream “Eshe Gechihere and follow ROYAL on social media!


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