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Rushil Jina Represents SA in Mister Supranational Competition

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Law student takes SA onto international stage in High-end Competition

Rushil Jina Represents SA in The international Mister Supranational Competition

Law student, Rushil Jina takes SA onto international stage in challenging, high-end competition. Rushil Jina – law student and founder of non-profit organisation, Caring Hearts Helping Hands Foundation. Rushil‘s selected to represent South Africa in the international Mister Supranational competition.

The event was launched in 2016. It is certainly the first of its kind to blend super modern and high fashion television production. Mister Supranational provides talented men with a platform from which to launch successful modelling careers. Providing the opportunity to further their career and humanitarian goals.


Rushil says, 

Mister Supranational is an extremely large platform that showcases looks, intellect and fitness. It is a platform that can be used in many ways and, for me, it is to help me make a change in our society by giving me the voice I need to do so.”

Twenty-two-year-old, Rushil Jina, is currently completing his law degree in Johannesburg. He is also running his own non-profit organisation that focuses on providing for the needs of orphaned and homeless children in Johannesburg. He entered Mr India South Africa in 2018 and placed as first runner-up. Rushil won the award for Mr Congeniality. His goal is to manage a successful career as a leading criminal lawyer, using his skills to further his goals of changing lives, and as an international runway and photography model.

Rushil Jina states,

I have always wanted to make it in the industry of modelling and acting. I have seen many people use the pageant industry as a platform from which to launch careers as actors and models. Seeing a lot of change come out of pageants,  in our society and within the individuals who have participated in these contests.”

Furthermore, Mister Supranational is a challenging competition. Contestants have to showcase their looks, charm, intellect, fitness and overall style over a series of demanding activities and interviews. They have to demonstrate a well-rounded personality and charm. The event broadcasts over 100 countries!  Contestants from more than 39 countries are competing for the title of Mister Supranational.

Rushils full Mister Supranational profile can be found here


Rushil Jina

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