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Crown The Brown: Kuch Kuch Happened and We LOVED every minute of it!

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Crown The Brown: Kuch Kuch Happens

Kuch Kuch Happens Crown The Brown

Our Crown The Brown representatives were privileged enough to attend IBV Gold’s Kuch Kuch Happens. A whirlwind of theatrics set the scene for the VIP premier of Kuch Kuch Happens. A local spectacular produced and choreographed by Shivani Kara and Yujir Rampasad of Eastern Moves Productions.

Riashri Moodley and Reese Naidoo

The production was brought to the stage of the Durban Playhouse Theatre. Filled with scintillating dance items, loads of Bollywood drama and also a few teary-eyed moments. It certainly left the audience enthralled by the beautiful art of Indian song, dance and culture.

Sashin Kandhai, South Africa’s very own Bollywood king. Together with Uraysha Ramrachia and Shaastra Nagesar were Kuch Kuch Happens lead performers. Joined by a high energy, vibrant cast and crew from across the country!

Above all, the plot centered around a love story of two best friends and a mysterious new flame to spice up the Masti. The gracefulness of every dancer, from classical, contemporary and modern dance moves. Also to the intense facial expressions truly made everyone in the auditorium feel and experience this production as part of the story.

We were certainly in for a surprise when a certain special guest brought some fire to the stage! Madhushan Singh from The Kandasamy Movie franchise, showed us his dance movies during a snippet of the production to add some more fun and surprise to the production.

Madhushan Singh Kandasamy Movie Crown The Brown

Our representative Riashri Moodley shared her experience: 

“From a dancers perspective, the production was absolutely inspiring, especially to those performers wanting to further their careers in the arts field. South Africa is so blessed! Especially having such talented individuals. Those that are uplifting our Indian culture through song and dance!”

A true reflection of the sheer talent and passion of our local artists. The production is certainly a must-see! Even for anyone interested in a night of pure magic and of course, Love !


– by Reese Naidoo and Riashri Moodley of Crown The Brown

Crown The Brown Kuch Kuch Happens

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