This year will celebrate my birthday with family:Dhruv Singh

Actor Dhruv Singh will be celebrating his birthday on 31st October with his family and couple of dear friends.


He says,

“This year I would like to celebrate my birthday with my family, sister and my couple of friends who will be invited to my sister’s house. Last year it was a memorable one as I went to a small village and celebrate my birthday with the people over there and had a great time. This year it is going to be a family affair. I am planning to buy an expensive smart phone for my birthday as I am a gadget freak person.”

What is your wish for this birthday?

“I would like to have a great life with my near and dear ones, want happiness and peace for all of us. As also work wise a good stable character to play on screen.” Β He further adds, “Birthdays are always fun and signify good vibes and fresh energy. One must pamper oneself on one’s birthday irrespective of the number of candles”.